Why Youtubers Do Vlogmas.

This may not be relevant to all Youtube creators but it could be relevant to the ones you watch. Some Youtubers, in fact quite a few, how do not post content all too frequently may find themselves participating in the month-long video making event that is Vlogmas. The creators tend to vlog or upload videos daily from December 1 until December 25. Then they take a break once the holidays start until whenever they return in January. So I will try and simplify why Youtubers do Vlogmas.

Why YouTubers Do Vlogmas.

Why do so many people create so many videos this time of year? They do it because the Youtube ad revenue is typically very high during December. They can create a lot of content that forces people to return daily, usually with giveaways that you have to watch the video to find out about. And they tell you one is coming ahead of time to get people interested because viewers love free stuff.

They why stop for January. After the December holidays revenue plummets. There is often a negative spike in the amount of money their videos make during this time. This also happens during the summer. Students are off school so their free time increases. They spend more time watching videos, and advertisers know this. They also know that people make resolutions to spend less time online, or to be more active and away from electronics.

This is purely business strategy. These creators are trying to make a living from these videos, so they want their energy to be used in the most effective way that they can.

Have any of your favourite YouTubers done this?

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