Why Resolutions Fail.

In the New Year much like other people I have made resolutions. I have goals I would like to achieve or become closer to achieving in the upcoming calendar year. And I would really love it if all of them were able to follow me through the next 365 days, but it is difficult. And that is because people dive head first into the idea of a new year, new me. But it is still the same you under all of those goals.

In order to succeed first, we look at why we might fail. The likely culprit is a poor goal to try and achieve. Let’s take “get in shape” as an example. Why is this a poor goal choice. It is so incredibly vague. You could lose one pound and consider yourself in better shape. You could gain 10 pounds of muscle and consider that in better shape.

Instead, create something more specific. For example, “I want to go to the gym for five hours a week.” this allows for more flexibility than if you decided to go every day, which is not likely to actually happen if I am honest with myself. I could go five days a week for an hour, or once a week for five hours, but my gym time can be pushed around for an easier schedule. And decide how long this goal if for. You can allow yourself to build up and build down. Start with one hour a week for the first two weeks. Then try an hour and a half the next two until you reach your goal.

You can apply the rule of specificity to any goal. “See your friends more” is that once a week, once a month. Are you one on one, or in a large group. “Eat less sugar” Is this sugar overall, of processed versus natural sugar. Is there a set amount you want to eat. Do you go cold turkey or ease yourself into in through reducing sugar intake gradually.

Your goal is achievable as long as you make it reasonable.

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