Why Birthdays Are Important, A Thank You.

Today is my birthday and it is an important day for me. Not to mention that it is a big birthday. I had my closest friends and family spend the day with me. I invited my family to dinner and then my friends for a party. I will be honest that I don’t particularly care for the gifts. While I truly appreciate them, as I get older I care more about spending time together and reflecting on the past.

I look back on good and less fortunate times all the same. I reflect in order to be able to be grateful. My family is healthy, and my friends are fantastic. In spending a day dwelling in the happiness in opens this new year of life with a fresh feeling.

On that note, I would like to thank anyone who has ever read my posts, liked my photos, mentioned my content, smiled at something I said or did. And I would like to thank those who don’t like my content for at least giving me the opportunity. I appreciate that. I am thankful for brands like Covergirl for taking the time of day to send tiny creators like myself their products that they worked so hard on, and Subway for acknowledging how many subs I eat. And for my family and friends who support me. I am thankful for the oppotunities I have and for the people they are with.

So thank you.

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