What is the “Snapchat Fam”?

If you are familiar with Youtube you have probably seen comment sections riddled with emoticons. If you are like me you may have wondered why. Where did these emojis come from? The likely culprit is the “Snapchat Fam”.

What is a “Snapchat Fam”?

The Snapchat Fam is a group of individuals who have seen a Youtuber’s Snapchat typically announcing that they have posted a new video. In this Snapchat they will assign an emoticon for people to comment on in the new video. Commenting using the specific emoji will like the Youtuber know who was sent from the Snapchat to youtube. It is made to seem like an inside joke or an inclusive group.

Why there are “Snapchat Fam’s”?

On Youtube, the current algorithms organize videos on the main page or recommendations more favourably for videos with higher engagement. Youtube is considered a community and thus favours videos seemingly with conversation. While the brigading comment sections with emojis in not really conversation it is a comment none the less.

Is the “Snapchat Fam” bad?

Absolutely not. There is no problem with people wanting to increase engagement with their audience, nor is it bad for them to encourage comments for favouring of the algorithm. Every video posted on Youtube is likely made with the purpose of being viewed. And some people rely on their content being seen as a livelihood. On top of that, it is engagement. The Youtuber sees your comments. They can reply. I promise they will start to recognize names. It is a way to build an online friendship combined with your viewership. It is only bad if you feel manipulated.

How to prevent viewers from feeling manipulated?

If you are going to encourage engagement this way then you should attempt to engage back. Your viewers will not continue if they feel their efforts to help you are wasted. Recognize those who go out of their way in order to boost your views. Recognize that you are only as successful as others allow your hard work to be. ANd be thankful for those who support you.

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