Multiple Outfits Equation.

I’m sure you’ve seen posts about taking thirteen clothing items and somehow it turns into 30 outfits. It’s not a series of creative people coming up with new and creative combinations. On the contrary, they follow a simple formula. You could easily replicate these capsule wardrobe ideas for your own. Here is how they make multiple outfits.

All it requires is:

  • One Tee.
  • One Pullover Sweater.
  • One Button Up Shirt.
  • One Plaid Shirt.
  • One Jacket.
  • One Dress.
  • Two Skirts.
  • Two Pairs of Pants.
  • Two Pairs of Shoes.
  • One Accessory.

With these pieces, it is easy to make many outfits.

It goes something like this:

Tee paired with each of the bottoms. This makes four outfits. Then the same for each top. So now it is 16 outfits created. You then have the option of adding or not adding the jacket, so 32 outfits are available. Once you integrate the two shoe options it doubles again to 64 choices. The dress can also be worn by itself, with a top over it, as a top itself, and these options have two shoe choices so the dress itself provides 40 options. Then every single outfit can be paired with an accessory. So in total, there are 208 total options for 13 items. None of these outfits are extremely different from one another, but you can get almost 2/3 of a year without repeating an outfit once.

It can be done with an endless combination of pieces. However, those that do it well take the time to show their audience a well thought out combination of choices. They choose patterns and colours that pair well in order to create a cohesive outfit without being too uninteresting at the same time.

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