Easy Bullet Journal Layout for Beginners.


I created a Youtube video showing how I usually design my weekly schedule for my bullet journal layout. Starting out it can be very overwhelming trying to decide on a layout. I went for a simple and straightforward two-page spread spanning two weeks. This allows for plenty of space to fill in your schedule, especially if you use the lines twice. Eight events in one day is a lot for one person, so it is plenty of space for me. I use a separate page for work and class schedules so my events calendar is not overcrowded. Usually, one month is completely covered in 4-5 pages, so I don’t need to spend more time than necessary designing pages over using them. The basic design also allows for easy customization for your personal aesthetic.

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If you want to know more about bullet journaling you can read my post “5 Bullet Journal Basics” where I give you 5 tips before you start your bullet journal. Also please stop by my Youtube channel CToSeas to see more. I am not a regular uploader but will post all content on my blog when I do. I would definitely upload more bullet journal layout videos if it is desired.

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