Why Creators Prefer Instagram.

Have you noticed that a lot of content creators favour the new feature on Instagram that allows you to create stories over the previous favourite Snapchat. It may surprise you why creators prefer Instagram.

I have seen may creators that used ways such as Twitter polls to ask their audience what they personally prefer, Snapchat or Instagram stories. It almost always results in a majority preference for Snapchat. This is where their audience who consumes this content is already established and where they wish to remain. But it doesn’t suit creators new social media needs.

Why Creators Prefer Instagram.

This need is for affiliate links. Instagram has the new feature that allows them to link products they are affiliated with. Then the viewer can swipe the screen upward and land on the page that makes them money without the viewer needing to even click on the original link.

And while Snapchat is easily capable of similar methodology, it is a more private platform. You must search exactly the person you wish to follow and select their profile. From there you do not have recommendations. You do not have a list of followers, following, or a constant history of content.

Instagram, on-the-other-hand is incredibly social. There are constant recommendations being pushed your way, including the profiles of these affiliated story creators. That way more and more people are going to see this story, and more and more people are going to swipe to the link. So the creator and the business or brand are both happy. Both get more exposure and more money.

And this is why the viewer’s wishes are excused by statements such as “It is just easier to have both photos and stories on one platform” or “It has more features that I think you guys will like”. This is a business move. It does not mean the creator does not care, it just means that they need more views to continue growth.

I myself greatly prefer using Instagram over Snapchat for anything blog related.

Have you noticed this happening too?

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  1. I’ve definitely chosen IG over Snapchat. It’s so easy when you don’t need to go to entire different app to post things anymore, it’s way more convenient when it’s in the app I use more frequently!

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