Why Creators Prefer Instagram.

Why Creators Prefer Instagram - Wy Creators Choose Instagram Over Snapchat

Have you noticed that a lot of content creators favour the new feature on Instagram that allows you to create stories over the previous favourite Snapchat. It may surprise you why creators prefer Instagram.

I have seen may creators that used ways such as Twitter polls to ask their audience what they personally prefer, Snapchat or Instagram stories. It almost always results in a majority preference for Snapchat. This is where their audience who consumes this content is already established and where they wish to remain. But it doesn’t suit creators new social media needs.

Why Creators Prefer Instagram.

This need is for affiliate links. Instagram has the new feature that allows them to link products they are affiliated with. Then the viewer can swipe the screen upward and land on the page that makes them money without the viewer needing to even click on the original link.

And while Snapchat is easily capable of similar methodology, it is a more private platform. You must search exactly the person you wish to follow and select their profile. From there you do not have recommendations. You do not have a list of followers, following, or a constant history of content.

Instagram, on-the-other-hand is incredibly social. There are constant recommendations being pushed your way, including the profiles of these affiliated story creators. That way more and more people are going to see this story, and more and more people are going to swipe to the link. So the creator and the business or brand are both happy. Both get more exposure and more money.

And this is why the viewer’s wishes are excused by statements such as “It is just easier to have both photos and stories on one platform” or “It has more features that I think you guys will like”. This is a business move. It does not mean the creator does not care, it just means that they need more views to continue growth.

I myself greatly prefer using Instagram over Snapchat for anything blog related.

Have you noticed this happening too?

Why Resolutions Fail.

Why Resolutions Fail - Why Does Your New Years Resolution Fail Every Year

In the New Year much like other people I have made resolutions. I have goals I would like to achieve or become closer to achieving in the upcoming calendar year. And I would really love it if all of them were able to follow me through the next 365 days, but it is difficult. And that is because people dive head first into the idea of a new year, new me. But it is still the same you under all of those goals.

In order to succeed first, we look at why we might fail. The likely culprit is a poor goal to try and achieve. Let’s take “get in shape” as an example. Why is this a poor goal choice. It is so incredibly vague. You could lose one pound and consider yourself in better shape. You could gain 10 pounds of muscle and consider that in better shape.

Instead, create something more specific. For example, “I want to go to the gym for five hours a week.” this allows for more flexibility than if you decided to go every day, which is not likely to actually happen if I am honest with myself. I could go five days a week for an hour, or once a week for five hours, but my gym time can be pushed around for an easier schedule. And decide how long this goal if for. You can allow yourself to build up and build down. Start with one hour a week for the first two weeks. Then try an hour and a half the next two until you reach your goal.

You can apply the rule of specificity to any goal. “See your friends more” is that once a week, once a month. Are you one on one, or in a large group. “Eat less sugar” Is this sugar overall, of processed versus natural sugar. Is there a set amount you want to eat. Do you go cold turkey or ease yourself into in through reducing sugar intake gradually.

Your goal is achievable as long as you make it reasonable.

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New Years Resolutions 2018 Ideas.

New Years Resolution 2018 Ideas - Ideas For Your 2018 New Years Goals

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves. So here are some ways you might want to better yourself in the upcoming year.


  • Drink enough water every day.
  • Cut out caffeine. Limit yourself to one coffee.
  • Cut out processed sugars.
  • Workout three times a week.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Stick to a sleep schedule. At least during the week.


  • See your friends more. One a week. Have a get-together once a month.
  • Talk to a stranger every day.
  • Go somewhere new every weekend.
  • Call your mom, dad, siblings, someone every other week.
  • Have a self-care day once a month.
  • Go to free events in your area.
  • Write thank you cards.


  • Study Smarter.
  • Organize your closest.
  • Make a planner or bullet journal.
  • Save more money.
  • Declutter your inbox.
  • Get that raise, that position, that job. Or get yourself on track towards it.

There are endless possibilities.

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Things to Do Before 2018.

Thing to Do Before 2018 - What to Do Before the New Year Starts

When entering the new year we usually want to become a ‘bigger’, ‘better’ version of ourselves. Before that can happen there are a few things you can do to ensure a more optimized fresh start. So here are some things to do before 2018 starts.

Start with your phone:

  • Delete numbers that belong to those you don’t talk to because they don’t make you happy.
  • Delete old photos you hang on to for no reason.
  • Delete apps you never use or plan on using.
  • Delete old conversations you don’t need.

Social Media:

  • Unfollow or unsubscribe from anyone that does not bring you joy.
  • Delete old posts that you don’t love anymore.
  • Delete accounts you never use.

Clean Your Room:

  • Declutter thing you don’t use.
  • Change your sheets.
  • Put all your clothes away.

Set Your Goals:

  • Write out your resolutions.
  • Make a bucket list.
  • Be reasonable.

You can make the New Year easier on yourself by slowly easing into change instead of diving straight in as midnight strikes.

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What is the “Snapchat Fam”?

What Is The Snapchat FamHow Does The Sanpchat Fam Increase Youtube Views

If you are familiar with Youtube you have probably seen comment sections riddled with emoticons. If you are like me you may have wondered why. Where did these emojis come from? The likely culprit is the “Snapchat Fam”.

What is a “Snapchat Fam”?

The Snapchat Fam is a group of individuals who have seen a Youtuber’s Snapchat typically announcing that they have posted a new video. In this Snapchat they will assign an emoticon for people to comment on in the new video. Commenting using the specific emoji will like the Youtuber know who was sent from the Snapchat to youtube. It is made to seem like an inside joke or an inclusive group.

Why there are “Snapchat Fam’s”?

On Youtube, the current algorithms organize videos on the main page or recommendations more favourably for videos with higher engagement. Youtube is considered a community and thus favours videos seemingly with conversation. While the brigading comment sections with emojis in not really conversation it is a comment none the less.

Is the “Snapchat Fam” bad?

Absolutely not. There is no problem with people wanting to increase engagement with their audience, nor is it bad for them to encourage comments for favouring of the algorithm. Every video posted on Youtube is likely made with the purpose of being viewed. And some people rely on their content being seen as a livelihood. On top of that, it is engagement. The Youtuber sees your comments. They can reply. I promise they will start to recognize names. It is a way to build an online friendship combined with your viewership. It is only bad if you feel manipulated.

How to prevent viewers from feeling manipulated?

If you are going to encourage engagement this way then you should attempt to engage back. Your viewers will not continue if they feel their efforts to help you are wasted. Recognize those who go out of their way in order to boost your views. Recognize that you are only as successful as others allow your hard work to be. ANd be thankful for those who support you.

How to Get Your Audience to Trust You.

How To Get Your Audiance To Trust You Steps To Take In Order To Build A Trusting Relationship

If you have the goal of being an influencer you need to build an audience that trusts you. This seems incredibly complex, but in reality, it is very straight-forward.

Tip #1 Always Tell The Truth. The easiest way to earn distrust if to not tell the truth. This is not just lying. This is leaving information out as well. If you talk about a product, and how much you love it, but you don’t mention something negative that you notice it is not the whole truth. If you love a mascara but the second you tear up remotely it is streaming down your cheeks mention it.

Tip #2 Disclose Everything. Not just what you legally have to disclose. I don’t have to tell you I was gifted an item, I don’t. But I do. This is because I want it to be known that I did not purchase it myself when encouraging others to do so. That just seems unfair to me.

Tip #3 Know the Law. You are legally obligated to disclose if you are posting an advertisement. It is the law.  If you are being paid to review a product in order to encourage sales, it is an advertisement. You may notice that people react negatively to you being paid, it happens, but you need to. It is not your fault that you need to get paid for the work you do. You deserve it.

The amount of products a person sees being advertised in a given day is most likely greater than what they expect. This is because it is entirely common for advertisements to be undisclosed despite laws in place to prevent this. If you do a little research beforehand and focus on what you would want to know if the roles were reversed then you can easily stay in the clear.

How Influencing Works.

How Influencing Works Find Out How You Can Become A Digital Influencer

People are no longer consuming advertising in the same way. This has lead to the rise in digital influencing. What exactly is digital influencing and does it work? Here is how influencing works. I will be specifically talking about beauty influencers.

How Influencers Start.

First, an individual has to put in a lot of time and effort. This is not only building up an audience – and in order to be recognized by larger brands, it is quite often a large audience –  They also need to have an audience that trusts them. If no one trusts the opinions you have and the recommendations you make the brands don’t want you to influence on their behalf.

Once you have a base a variety of things might happen. The companies could send you products. Personally, I have been sent products to try complimentary. The idea is that when you have a product sent to you for free you will feel like the company has done you a favour so you want to do something in return. You will use it and by using it in videos, or on posts it will be advertised to viewers for free. So instead of paying someone to promote their product, they are gifted it and it doesn’t cost the company very much out of pocket to do so.

On top of that, the individual is under no legal obligation to disclose whether the product was sent to them or not. So the audience may not be aware of the effect it has on their review. If you buy a $50 lipstick you know the value verse the cost, but it is swayed when this $50 lipstick cost nothing. It’s a great lipstick, but is it really worth the price tag?

Why Influencing Works.

There are less subtle ways of advertising too. Makeup brands may also invite influencers to retreats or resorts, trips of some kind. On these extravagant, spare no expense trips the influencer creates a bond and strongly tied memorizes to companies. If you love two mascaras equally but one company took you to Bora Bora which one do you think you reach for first? Probably Bora Bora. Am I wrong?

It all boils down to psychology. The mind works in interesting ways. You have been conditioned to appreciate the appearance of beautiful people. You see a beautiful person. One who’s opinion you trust, and see them using a product and telling you that is why they look so good, the mind makes a connection. They look beautiful, and they use that foundation. If you use that foundation you can look beautiful like them. This is how influencing works. You are lead to buy things by other people influencing your opinion.

It is more complex, and there are far more ways to do it, but this is a general idea on how influencing works.

Dealing With Early Classes.

Dealing With Early C;asses Tips for Early Morning University Classes

I know that 8:00 in the morning really isn’t that early. But to my credit, I have a reasonably long drive from my school.  So 8:00 means 6:00 am wake up for me. Not my favourite. And boy oh boy do I need every second of sleep I can get. Just like most people I’m sure. But I am a good girl and go to class. Here are some tips for dealing with early classes.

Tip #1 Make A Friend. If you have a friend in that class it will be way less miserable. You don’t need to be besties outside of class, but in class, it is good to have a familiar face to plop down beside. Especially if you have the need to complain about how early it is.

Tip #2 Give Yourself Time. Don’t roll out of bed with 5 minutes before you need to go. Your head will be very foggy and driving while half asleep is very unsafe. If possible I would tell you to exercise in the morning for a wake-up. But that would be naughty of me since I don’t. A warm shower is what I prefer.

Tip #3 Wake Up Your Mind. I might drag myself half asleep into my car, but that’s really only halfway to where I need to be. So I play the radio. Usually, it is the morning news, and some rock and roll sprinkled in between. And I force myself to sing along. That usually does the trick.

Tip #4 Morning Brew. I can’t have coffee. That is a big no-no for insomniacs. However, it could be perfectly fine for other people. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or just water.

Tip #5 Get Some Sleep. If you know you are waking up early the next morning then it would make sense to go to bed early. Eight hours is the common goal so that means I should go to bed at 10:00 to get up at 6:00.

How are you dealing with early classes?

How to Make an Assignment Schedule.

How To Make An Assignment Schedule With Three Assignment Schedule Examples

A large part of university, or college is having assignments. And the best way to deal with them is to make an assignment schedule. I learned this the hard way during my first year, but have a method that once put in place made them a dream. I will give you an outline of the steps, and then 3 examples for time frames. Because some assignments have more notice and some less.

The Steps:

Understand and Analyze Your Assignment – Take a look at the assignment and read it through. Make sure you understand exactly what it is that you need to do. If you have any questions about it this is when you schedule an appointment to see your academic advisor, professor, or teaching assistant.

Narrow an Assigned Topic or Choose and Narrow Your Own Topic – Assignment topics are given to your in broader terms so that you can make it more your own. Those marking it aren’t looking for identical essays from every student. Choose a topic that is of interest to you. This will make it seem less like homework. If you can’t think of anything use lecture topics as an inspiration or textbook chapters. This will be your starting point.

Perform Preliminary Research and Reading -When you enter this stage start making a working bibliography. Be sure to use a variety of sources when researching. Especially physical documents, or peer-reviewed journals. Collect a wider set of notes that you can later narrow once a thesis is developed.

Develop a Thesis – This is a working thesis that may change or evolve. Take the information you have learned about your topic of research and use it to create an argument. It can be the linking of two elements, the negative or positive impacts, even that the event could have been entirely avoided. Remember to do something you find interesting, and most importantly, easier for you to argue.

Create a Strategy for Research and Begin Research – This is when you lay out what sources you will collect, read, and hopefully use. If your library doesn’t have a book you want you might be able to have them order it in so you can read it. The same goes for journals. You should also set aside specific times you plan to research.

Create an Outline – Start by looking at the length of the assignment you are going to be writing, and then figure out approximately how many paragraphs will be needed. From there gather the information you have gathered and group it into similar subjects. Then assign them to paragraphs to establish some flow.

Additional Research – Find the information you need that can link together the paragraphs you plan to write, and new information altogether for ones you have not yet been able to fill.

Write you First Draft – Now that you have an outline and have done your research this should be a lot easier to do. This is when you work more on content than you do on flow. You should already have all the information you need at the point so research is over.

Revise and Edit – Print out and go through the assignment to Have your friend or family members read over the assignment to look for mistakes your eyes have missed because you may read it how you meant it to be instead of how it actually is. I like to run my assignments through Google Translate and have it read out loud so I can catch places I need to make corrections.

Write Your Final Draft – You can make as many revisions in between your first and final draft as you think you need. But once this is done your assignment should be ready to submit.

With these steps, I will show you 3 different examples of an assignment schedule.

2 Month Time Frame:

Day 1 – Understand and Analyze Your Assignment.

Day 3 – Narrow an Assigned Topic or Choose and Narrow Your Own Topic.

Day 5 – Perform Preliminary Research and Reading.

Day 7 – Develop a Thesis.

Day 9 – Create a Strategy for Reseach and Begin Research.

Day 33 – Create an Outline.

Day 34 – Additional Research.

Day 40 – Write Your First Draft.

Day 53 – Revise and Edit.

Day 59 – Write Your Final Draft.

1 Month Time Frame:

Day 1 – Understand and Analyze Your Assignment.

Day 2 – Narrow an Assigned Topic or Choose and Narrow Your Own Topic.

Day 3 – Perform Preliminary Research and Reading.

Day 4 – Develop a Thesis.

Day 5 – Create a Strategy for Reseach and Begin Research.

Day 17 – Create an Outline.

Day 17 – Additional Research.

Day 21 – Write Your First Draft.

Day 27 – Revise and Edit.

Day 30 – Write Your Final Draft.

2 Week Time Frame:

Day 1 – Understand and Analyze Your Assignment.

Day 1 – Narrow an Assigned Topic or Choose and Narrow Your Own Topic.

Day 2 – Perform Preliminary Research and Reading.

Day 2 – Develop a Thesis.

Day 3 – Create a Strategy for Reseach and Begin Research.

Day 8 – Create an Outline.

Day 8 – Additional Research.

Day 10 – Write Your First Draft.

Day 12 – Revise and Edit.

Day 14 – Write Your Final Draft.

Now hopefully you won’t be tempted to leave all of your work to the last minute by using an assignment schedule I have suggested. For more university tips check out the #CToHustle Page.

How to Stay Inspired.

How To Stay Inspired Tips To Getting And Staying Inspired At Blogging

How to Stay Inspired:

When it comes to blogging it can be difficult to stay inspired. Especially if you have other full-time commitments. This can vary from a job to being a stay at home mom. you may wonder how to stay inspired. Or, how others make it look so easy. But in reality, it takes a lot of work as you already know. So this is my story for how to stay inspired.

To combat the cycle of procrastination I start by getting ahead. This post, for example, was written days early so that on the day, or days before I wouldn’t feel rushed. I want to write about things I feel excited about. Helping people for one. I am no expert when it comes to most things. But I myself have lacked inspiration. And now I don’t. Or at least not as often.

The first step towards finding inspiration is blogging about things you find interesting. This sounds simple enough. But, in combination with a desired audience, it may not be. If you love fashion, write about it. However, if people come to you for fashion advice they may not be interested in your grandma’s pie recipe. So it is also important to try and stick to a theme.

For example, I myself am a university student and blogger. I also farm and have a complex personal life. But, I don’t give tips on raising chicken, I give tips on essay writing. Because no one is likely to return to my blog to read related topics for a one off article.

This might also be difficult because it is very easy to write about just yourself. How your day went, or what funny thing your dog did that day. I am not saying don’t write about yourself. I do all the time. It is your blog and you can do as you please with it. But I would recommend having meaning behind your personal stories. If your dog did something that frustrated you, write about how you deal with frustration. This is beneficial for those reading it because they have something to gain from your post.

With this in mind I highly, highly recommend getting ahead of the clock. I post once a week on Saturdays. I start writing my post up to a month in advance. This is when I have a very rough draft or even just an idea. I have many drafts in my pocket at once. This allows for me to choose a topic to write about when I just can’t think of anything else. I am constantly adding to the list of things I want to make a post about.

I knew that with all of my current obligations, such as full-time work, pets, a boyfriend, and a social life my blog takes a back seat some times. This is why I force myself to post once a week, but not more often. I want to continue to love what I do, not turn it into a forced routine. If that happened it would be easy to tell, because the effort I put into it would get worse and worse until I post a paragraph and call it a day.

I find inspiration in everyday life. You could also find inspiration from other bloggers. Keep in mind that you can not copy another bloggers posts. That is illegal and called plagiarism. Plagiarism is not just taking their work word for word. It involves the core content being claimed as your own when it isn’t. “I had a good day” and “My day was good” still have the same meaning despite being slightly altered.

I have a post called “How to Be Happy” Other people may have a similar post. It is almost a guarantee. But I made a list of things that make me happy and wrote about them. I did not use any other posts as a reference or copy another persons work. It is my thoughts and feelings written down for your enjoyment.

Do you have tips for how to stay inspired?