Wedding Gift Ideas 2017.

You all know what that means, not only are your weekends filled with fancy clothes and late nights but wedding gifts. When attending a wedding it is customary to bring a gift for the bride and groom. Usually, people have a money box, or a gift registry set up. But, sometimes you just want to get them something that showed you put a lot of thought in. Purchasing a gift they spelled out for people can seem impersonal. Money can seem downright lazy, although greatly appreciated.

Here are some of my wedding gift ideas:

Idea #1 Gift Republic Name a Star Gift Box*. My absolute favourite unexpected gift idea. Technically no one can own a star, therefore name it, but the act of naming a star together seems so romantic to me.

Idea #2 Map Pillow.  More of a DIY, or paid service. Getting a pillow cover and ironing on a map of where the couple first met, or the town they live in is such a sentimental piece no one would think to ask for.

Idea #3 Overlooked Household Musts. Coasters for the new table, flowers need a vase, everyone has a favourite mug that doesn’t make the boring set.

Idea #4 House Plants. Aloe Vera is very low maintenance, yet is an easy solution for common kitchen cuts.

Do you have any wedding gift ideas I may have forgotten?

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