Time Management Tips.

Yes, first off I am and have always been terrible at time management. I desperately needed time management tips. I mean straight up awful. When your teacher says you can’t do the assignment the night before I’d end up doing it anyway. Not the night before, but only a few days before. I think that the best way to explain it is the fact that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and the fear of it not turning out perfect makes me not even want to start it in the first place. This is bad.

I now have a daily planner that I write everything down in, but this only really helps me when it comes to the long term. I like to break thinks down a bit, so here’s what I do:

Tip #1 Make a List. I know you’ve probably heard it a million time before, so have I. But, I like to make it incredibly specific. Not just “History Readings,” I write down the name of every chapter and article that I need to read and cross it off as I do so. When I break it down to a long list of smaller tasks I feel like I accomplish so much more. If I see a page filled with large accomplishments I haven’t completed yet it feels like I’ll never be able to even make a dent.

Tip #2 Set Aside a Realistic Amount of Time. Again, I used to suck at this. I need to read Chapter 4, that shouldn’t take long. And it doesn’t except it’s usually boring so I get distracted and need to reread parts in order to actually understand, and making notes take a lot of time and it super important.

Tip #3 Make Good Notes. It took me forever to get good at this. But if you own a textbook it can actually be super easy. Highlight or underline everything you find important. You can mess it up as much as you want. If it took you a while to understand what the text means, or what is going on write your understandings in the margins. It saves so much time when you go back and study.

Tip #4 Take Breaks. When I focus on something for too long it feels like my brain is going numb. If I have multiple assignments and readings on the go I like to mix it up. Math for hours hurts the mind. In between question sections, I often read parts of chapters until I no longer can focus on reading and need to mix it up by going back to Math.

I hope these time management tips can be helpful for you like they are for me. To see more university tips check out “Essay Writing Tips“.