How to Declutter Your Closet.

How To Declutter Your Closet How To Clean Out Your Closet Like A Pro

I am super messy, like ridiculously messy. I have absolutely no problem admitting it, just like if I were neat by nature. Over the past few years, the messy state of being I was existing in finally found some order. I wanted to know what you should do and how to declutter your closet.

One day I woke up with a fresh perspective and motivation to get stuff done. I started with what felt like my most daunting task, my closet. It’s not that I had a lot of clothes, but that I had no way to properly organize it. Off I went to Ikea. I got an Algot system that I planned online, so I knew exactly what I wanted to get.

After that was installed I started by going through every single item of clothing I owned. I did not dare put anything away until I decided I wanted to keep it. Once I knew everything I was keeping it made it very easy to put everything into its new place. Now I have a specific location for everything and know exactly where it goes, so it is an absolute breeze to put my clothes away now because there in no feeling of being overwhelmed.

When it came to sorting through my clothes it was pretty easy, I don’t hold a lot of attachment to most items. I kept a small box full of sentimental items, but other than that everything else was donated.

Questions for how to declutter your closet:

Question #1 Do I like it? Because if you don’t there is no point in keeping it, even if it was a gift.

Question #2 Do I actually wear it? If you are not going to wear it then it’s just taking up space you could use for things you will wear.

Question #3 Does it fit? If it does not fit right then you won’t feel good wearing it.

Question #4 Does it need to be repaired? And if so, will I actually repair it? I am super unlikely to actually repair something myself, so I don’t need to keep items that I’m never going to fix.

Question #5 Do I already have something like it? You don’t need 10 plain black tees. You won’t wear them all enough for it to be worth it.

After I sorted through everything I decided to donate all of the good pieces I wasn’t going to keep.

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How to Book a Hotel Online.

How To Book A Hotel Online Tips For Booking A Hotel Online For Beginners

First, did you see the original “Band Tee Rules“? The little adventure we had to the big city was better than I could have imagined. We went up early before our check in and spent some time wandering around the largest mall I have ever seen. After the claustrophobic experience that was the mall we went to find our hotel. At first, I was nervous because I wasn’t quite sure how to book a hotel online the right way.

The hotel was absolutely amazing in every way. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. The hotel itself was gorgeous. So modern and elegant. Our room was spectacular. We had a view of the lake on the 42 floor. Favourite part was probably the shower, weird I know, but I dream of a shower like that one. Glass door, nice tile, and super spacious with a rain head.

After laying in bed watching Spongebob we went down to the restaurant in the hotel. There we meet other couples going to the concert as well. To our surprise, one of them paid for our meal which I didn’t stop gushing about the entire trip. After dinner, we went to the concert, it was a bit short but the fun we had made up for it.

During a song we both love my boyfriend gave me a ring, and I haven’t stopped smiling ear to ear since. I can confidently say it was the best weekend ever.

One thing that would have made the weekend a nightmare was the hotel. It could have been a nightmare booking a hotel online.

Here are some tips on how to book a hotel online:

Tip #1 Look at Reviews. Specifically the negative reviews. People will tell you their honest thoughts about the hotel so you know what to look out for. If you are noticing that everyone hates the parking, parking probably is going to be crumby.

Tip #2 Look at the Location. If you pull up the address on Google Maps ad use Streetview you can get a decent idea of the part of town the hotel is in. Also, the amount of traffic that goes by. If you are a light sleeper, or nervous about location always check before hand.

Tip #3 Price Range. The cheapest hotel and highest priced hotels are usually that way for a reason. I prefer mid-range because it has the quality I like without the unnecessary amenities.

Band Tee Rules.

Band Tee Rules A Guide To Band Tees At A Concert

On the day this publishes I am currently on my way to Toronto to attend a concert. I am driving a couple hours away from my tiny hometown to go to the big city with the love of my life to enjoy a weekend of adventure. We decided to splurge on a really nice hotel right by the concert hall. Hopefully, all goes exactly as expected and it is the weekend of my dreams. Updates next weekend, I promise. And you better bet your butt I am getting a band tee for at the show. I borrow my boyfriends all the time because they are so comfy and let’s be honest a band tee rules.

Let’s talk about band tee rules or etiquette. Not my rules, but apparently they exist.

Rule #1 Don’t wear the concert tour tee for the performance you are currently attending. I don’t know why, but it’s a rule. Also don’t wear it the next day either. But two days later is fine. I get it in the idea of not wearing it because it’s all you will be talking about anyway.

Rule #2 Don’t wear another band’s tee to a concert. It is probably a courtesy.

Rule #3 Exception to the previous. You can wear a band tee for one of the opening bands. Shows support.

Rule #4. Another exception. If is is a music festival it is also allowed.

Updated: “How to Book A Hotel Online“.

Time Management Tips.

Time Management Tips Tips For Managing Your Time Better In University

Yes, first off I am and have always been terrible at time management. I desperately needed time management tips. I mean straight up awful. When your teacher says you can’t do the assignment the night before I’d end up doing it anyway. Not the night before, but only a few days before. I think that the best way to explain it is the fact that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and the fear of it not turning out perfect makes me not even want to start it in the first place. This is bad.

I now have a daily planner that I write everything down in, but this only really helps me when it comes to the long term. I like to break thinks down a bit, so here’s what I do:

Tip #1 Make a List. I know you’ve probably heard it a million time before, so have I. But, I like to make it incredibly specific. Not just “History Readings,” I write down the name of every chapter and article that I need to read and cross it off as I do so. When I break it down to a long list of smaller tasks I feel like I accomplish so much more. If I see a page filled with large accomplishments I haven’t completed yet it feels like I’ll never be able to even make a dent.

Tip #2 Set Aside a Realistic Amount of Time. Again, I used to suck at this. I need to read Chapter 4, that shouldn’t take long. And it doesn’t except it’s usually boring so I get distracted and need to reread parts in order to actually understand, and making notes take a lot of time and it super important.

Tip #3 Make Good Notes. It took me forever to get good at this. But if you own a textbook it can actually be super easy. Highlight or underline everything you find important. You can mess it up as much as you want. If it took you a while to understand what the text means, or what is going on write your understandings in the margins. It saves so much time when you go back and study.

Tip #4 Take Breaks. When I focus on something for too long it feels like my brain is going numb. If I have multiple assignments and readings on the go I like to mix it up. Math for hours hurts the mind. In between question sections, I often read parts of chapters until I no longer can focus on reading and need to mix it up by going back to Math.

I hope these time management tips can be helpful for you like they are for me. To see more university tips check out “Essay Writing Tips“.

How to Find a Sense of Style.

How To Find A Sense Of Style How To Use Pinterest To Develop Your Own Style

I had absolutely no sense of style. So I wanted to know how to find a sense of style. Okay no, but I had absolutely no idea what my sense of style was. There are multiple ways to try and determine what your style is, but I found only one that truly worked for me. Online quizzes about your ‘personality type’, cutting out pictures from magazines, picking out what items you like most and finding a theme. None of these worked for me in the slightest. I’m a bohemian girly hipster, what? Then I decided I would give Pinterest a try.

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-8-34-13-pmI created a board and looked up women’s fashion, or home decor. I collected groups of outfits, hairstyles, fluffy pillows, anything that I liked.  Later I would, after collecting a lot of different images go through them and removed the ones I reconsidered. I’d think about why I liked them. The theme became very obvious after time. I like neutral colours, limited patterns and often a cool tone colour palette.  I ended up learning a lot about myself, and maybe it could work for someone else.

My Recommendations:

Tip #1 Join Pinterest. If you are going to create a board you need to make an account first. It is super straight forward. If you don’t like getting emails you can easily unsubscribe from them.

Tip #2 Use Your Closet. Look at the pieces that you already have in your closet to start if you are overwhelmed. I love my jeans, dark wash high waisted skinny jeans. I searched it up and would save to a board all the outfits I loved. From there you can see similar images related to it.

Tip #3 Use Your Friends. This has a double meaning. You can follow your friends and draw inspiration from them. And, you can also see what outfits you like that they have worn and save similar photos.

I hope this helps for how to find a sense of style.

How to Relieve Stress.

How To Relieve Stress Tips On Becoming More Relaxed

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Relaxation is important. It is vital that everyone knows how to relieve stress. Part of being human seems to be the constant presence of stress. School assignments, work deadlines, managing relationships, trying to schedule in some much needed me time. An important part of dealing with stress is to try and relieve it.

I find the best way that works for me short term is a bath. It loosens the tense muscles that have been wound up. The bubbles keep the water warm longer, and are positively delightful. I personally like  “The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel”. Turning off the lights and lighting a few candles creates a calm sensation. It does wonders on the body and mind. Add some music of your choice and find the time. Take 10 minutes or two hours, either way, you will feel better. It works best once you have dealt with the underlying cause to get relief in a timely manner. Remember to try and eat healthy and drink the necessary amounts of water.

Tips on how to relieve stress:

Tip #1 Take a Bath. As I said before, taking a bath works wonders on the body.

Tip #2 Yoga or Meditation. A gentle workout or a moment taken to slow down can help you to relax. I found a post on Uplift called “13 Easy Yoga Poses for Stress Relief” that is helpful for learning positions.

Tip #3 Prevent Stress. A big part of stress relief is the prevention of it in the first place because you don’t need to relieve stress that doesn’t exist. One of the best ways in to manage your time properly. Check out “Time Management Tips” for more tips.

Do you have any tips for how to relieve stress?

First Impressions.

First Impressions The Very First Blog Post I Ever Made

Hey, welcome to my blog. This might be your first impressions of me since this is my first post. So, allow me to introduce myself.

An Introduction:

First impressions are hard. But, this may or may not mark the start of something new. I am going to try and post on this blog every Saturday to start. Starting the first week of January, and hopefully until a long time from now. My schedule may increase but for now, once a week on my blog. There is not a plan for me becoming a full-time blogger, as far as my future view is concerned, but I am open to blogging a lot more often.

I am Cee. I am 19 years old. Or, as my mom would say, years young. I am currently a university student and work during my summers, as well as hopefully blogging. I live in Ontario, Canada. More specifically a very small town, a farming community, and I have to travel for school. I have lived here my entire life and don’t plan on moving anytime soon because my world revolves around this place. Sure I have traveled to other countries from time to time, but never for long. My plans are to one day become a school counselor and or teacher.

Sure I have traveled to other countries from time to time, but never for long. The top of my list is Europe, specifically Ireland and Scotland. These are the countries my ancestors are from and they look absolutely gorgeous. They fit my favourite weather from what I hear. I love rainy days above all. The sound of raindrops hitting the roof, pitter patters on the Earth. The sky is blue-grey which is my favourite colour by far. My plans are to one day become a school counselor and or teacher.

As far as more distant future is concerned. My plans are to one day become a school counselor and or teacher. Building a home on a farm, with the love of my life and as many dogs as he will let me have, plus one more for good measure. I currently have an Australian Shepard, and he is my whole world. Going away breaks my heart when I can’t bring him with me.

I have a love for learning and sharing what I learn so I thought a blog would be a good idea. When I think of, or come across tips and tricks others may find helpful I want to let others know. Since I’m in university I have developed a few strategies, as well as just everyday advice.

I hope I make good first impressions, but my future content is what will really show who I am. And I would love to know more about you.