Brutally Honest First Month Blogging Tell All.

Brutally Honest First Month Blogging Tell All This Is How Your First Month Blogging Will Really Go

At the very beginning of July, 2017 I started my blog. I was overwhelmed, to say the least. If you want to start a blog here is a realistic outlook for the first month blogging. I want to be completely transparent when it comes to running a blog because it can be difficult to trust the numbers other people are telling you. I have seen posts about earning thousands of dollars a month and getting hundreds of thousands of views, but that isn’t my experience. And I strongly doubt that is the same for many first time bloggers. If you are like me and want to know what a real first month looks like at a glance, then please continue reading. Here is everything that I have done so far.

My goals for the first month were as follows:

  • Get my Blog Self-Hosted. Mission accomplished. is officially mine. I signed up with Bluehost and got a 36-month contract, so I will continue to put in the effort for the long-run. This was the key for me to put everything else in place and was my absolute first goal. It costs more money, so if you aren’t sure you can have shorter contracts. Or choose to not be self-hosted.
  • Apply for Google Adsense. Technically I did succeed in this goal. However, I have not heard back as of writing this so I don’t have ads on my website yet. What you might not know is that it takes more than just having a website to get Google Adsense. You need enough content on your website to justify them accepting you, as well as having that content desirable for ads to want to run on it. Do not think that you can depend on this immediately after starting. It can also be a long process.
  • Get my First Viewer. More specifically I wanted it to be a viewer that was not my mom. Another goal down. Through social media, strangers have been able to find my very new website and read my posts. Some have even returned to my website, which I am very thankful for.
  • Post at Least Once a Week. Done. I would have loved to post more but man oh man does life get in the way. Thanks life. I plan to post more often in the future but having a full-time job, and school to keep up with it is more difficult than I would like to admit.


As well as accomplishing goals, I have personalized my website’s theme. Uploaded all of my images to Pinterest, which I would highly recommend you do too. Even if it isn’t a steady stream of viewers for me it is still another way to be found. I have had a few pageviews from this although I would like to work towards getting more. I went through all of my posts with Yoast SEO and updated them in hopes that I could be found organically more than before. Also, I have many blog posts or ideas written in my draft category for the future, so I have more than actually meets the eye. I also successfully applied to Amazon Associates.


These are all positives. But what about the negatives. And I promise there are bound to be some negatives for your first month blogging. I was rejected from Google Adsense because I forgot to actually launch my website before submitting it. Big oops. So now back to the waiting game. This means my website has sat here unmonetized, and unable to make money on views alone. I am still unfamiliar with Amazon Associates so my links were broken, again a silly mistake.


Here are the statistics of my social media accounts and my blog itself. I know that the first month blogging is a slow one, but it can have some progress, I promise. I personally did not focus on Twitter at all, so no surprises there, but I was trying to work on Pinterest and Instagram.

Instagram: July 1 – 335 Followers. August 1 – 343 Followers.

Twitter: July 1 – 0 Followers. August 1 – 0 Followers.

Pinterest: July 1 – 7 Followers. August 1 – 9 Followers.

Pageviews: July 1 – 0 Views. August 1 – 100 Views

Users: July 1 – 0 Users. August 1 – 33 Users.


Google Adsense: $0.00

Amazon Associates: $0.00 While I have had some people click the links to the products I mention in my posts no one has bought anything, which I would have expected.

I didn’t expect any different for my first month blogging, but it is always nice to make a little.

Next Months Goals:

  • Write at least one blog post a week. This has been a goal of mine every week since I started writing in January.  As always I will create my own featured images for the post, and use SEO to try and optimize it.
  • Post on Twitter at least once a week. This is completely new to me, but I can hopefully commit myself to doing the bare minimum of once.
  • Post on Instagram at least once a week. I don’t usually post once a week, but in order to grow a following, it is necessary to be consistent. Also, I want to follow similar profiles.
  • Gain more pageviews. I would like to grow my blog, so doing these steps will hopefully grow my pageview count.

Another thing I would like, however, have no control over is hearing back from Google Adsense, which is completely out of my control, but if there is an issue the sooner I know about it the better, and if not the sooner I can start monetizing the better.

So there you have it. A brutally honest tell all of my first month blogging experience. If you have any questions please feel free to comment down below or send me a message on my contact me page.

Naturally Optimize Your Appearance.

Naturally Optimize Your Appearance How To Look And Feel Beautiful Naturally

Some days people doubt themselves or feel insecure, I have even though I hate to admit it. Some even feel this way more often than they don’t. I have listed a few ways to naturally optimize your appearance to help counteract those days.

Here are some tips:

Tip #1 Eyebrows. If your eyebrows are looking a little lackluster then I would recommend running a spoolie brush through them in order to give them the groomed look they crave. I somehow draw confidence from my eyebrows. They frame the face and are vital for expressing your emotions. I have bushy eyebrows that love to go wild, do hairspray is my friend. I spray a little onto the spoolie after I have my brows where I want them. In addition to this, you can also remove stray hairs to create a more sleek look.

Tip #2 Glowy Moisturizer. You can give yourself a dewy healthy glow with a moisturizer. You could even opt for a tinted moisturizer if you feel the need for coverage. My skin is dry as a bone. If I want to feel fresh and healthy one of the first things I reach for is my moisturizer. You can also take a more selective approach and only apply it to the areas you would like to highlight. This could be the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, above your brow, below your brow, and the center of your chin.

Tip #3 Nails. cuticle cream makes your nails super shiny and healthy. I feel like it makes my nails feel stronger when I have done this. Nail polish can be harsh for your nails but I like to look put together top to bottom. I file my nails to be squared at the tips. This allows my nails to be stronger because of the shape since I like to keep them long.

Tip #4 Lip balm. I do not have enough good things to say about lip balm. Not only will your lips feel amazing, but they will look fuller and very healthy. Lip balms can also add sheer colour for those seeking a rosy sheen. They usually come in a variety of scents so you have an endless number of options.

These are some of my tips for how to naturally optimize your appearance. Any suggestions?

How to Stay Inspired.

How To Stay Inspired Tips To Getting And Staying Inspired At Blogging

How to Stay Inspired:

When it comes to blogging it can be difficult to stay inspired. Especially if you have other full-time commitments. This can vary from a job to being a stay at home mom. you may wonder how to stay inspired. Or, how others make it look so easy. But in reality, it takes a lot of work as you already know. So this is my story for how to stay inspired.

To combat the cycle of procrastination I start by getting ahead. This post, for example, was written days early so that on the day, or days before I wouldn’t feel rushed. I want to write about things I feel excited about. Helping people for one. I am no expert when it comes to most things. But I myself have lacked inspiration. And now I don’t. Or at least not as often.

The first step towards finding inspiration is blogging about things you find interesting. This sounds simple enough. But, in combination with a desired audience, it may not be. If you love fashion, write about it. However, if people come to you for fashion advice they may not be interested in your grandma’s pie recipe. So it is also important to try and stick to a theme.

For example, I myself am a university student and blogger. I also farm and have a complex personal life. But, I don’t give tips on raising chicken, I give tips on essay writing. Because no one is likely to return to my blog to read related topics for a one off article.

This might also be difficult because it is very easy to write about just yourself. How your day went, or what funny thing your dog did that day. I am not saying don’t write about yourself. I do all the time. It is your blog and you can do as you please with it. But I would recommend having meaning behind your personal stories. If your dog did something that frustrated you, write about how you deal with frustration. This is beneficial for those reading it because they have something to gain from your post.

With this in mind I highly, highly recommend getting ahead of the clock. I post once a week on Saturdays. I start writing my post up to a month in advance. This is when I have a very rough draft or even just an idea. I have many drafts in my pocket at once. This allows for me to choose a topic to write about when I just can’t think of anything else. I am constantly adding to the list of things I want to make a post about.

I knew that with all of my current obligations, such as full-time work, pets, a boyfriend, and a social life my blog takes a back seat some times. This is why I force myself to post once a week, but not more often. I want to continue to love what I do, not turn it into a forced routine. If that happened it would be easy to tell, because the effort I put into it would get worse and worse until I post a paragraph and call it a day.

I find inspiration in everyday life. You could also find inspiration from other bloggers. Keep in mind that you can not copy another bloggers posts. That is illegal and called plagiarism. Plagiarism is not just taking their work word for word. It involves the core content being claimed as your own when it isn’t. “I had a good day” and “My day was good” still have the same meaning despite being slightly altered.

I have a post called “How to Be Happy” Other people may have a similar post. It is almost a guarantee. But I made a list of things that make me happy and wrote about them. I did not use any other posts as a reference or copy another persons work. It is my thoughts and feelings written down for your enjoyment.

Do you have tips for how to stay inspired?

How to Get Your Blog Seen.

How To Get Your Blog Seen Tips And Tricks For Getting Viewers

Starting a blog is only the beginning. Since your website is brand new you are not likely to just appear as a search result. So you might ask yourself how to get your blog seen. It is not uncommon to have a blog and wonder when the views are going to start streaming in. I know I did. But I didn’t realize how much work went into it beforehand.

You, much like me, might think that posting quality content with great graphics, or website design will get everyone to fall in love with your blog. But, if they can’t find it they can’t love it. There are some things you can’t avoid when it comes to getting your website seen. Usually, search engines will prefer websites that have existed longer, because it is more substantial. You can counteract this by uploading more content more often, writing longer posts, or like I did, create posts before you launched your site to have more from the start.

So here is how I started outside of my blog:

Tip #1 Sign Up For Google Analytics. In order to properly view the amount of traffic, you are receiving it is important to set your website up to be viewable. I started this immediately in order to have a realistic view count when I launched my blog. I can even see where the views come from. If I am spending all of my effort to get views from Facebook, but most of my views are from Pinterest maybe I’m focusing on the wrong platform.

Tip #2 Show Your Friends and Family. These people should be kinder and more personally invested in you. Show them your content for advice. And if they like it they can share it with their friends and family. It can have a ripple effect. If you ask them to be completely honest about your site they can also make suggestions that strangers would in the future in a more polite and sensitive manner.

Tip #3 Join Facebook Groups. This is how I got the first page views that were not from my family and friends. I joined a group on Facebook focused on improving their blogs and others. It can be a really supportive environment of people with similar goals in mind. You could even end up making good friends in these groups.

Tip #4 Join Social Media. Set up a page for you and your blog on everything. If you gain followers on one, but not another it still leaves them a way to find you and your content. Be sure to link and advertise yourself and your other social media pages on each site. If you don’t let people know you have Instagram they won’t know that the have the option to follow you.

Tips for your blog itself:

Tip #1 Download Yoast SEO. This WordPress plugin is a real life saver. Before I installed it on my website I didn’t notice the potential I was missing. It allows you to choose keywords you want people to be able to search your article by, which is so helpful. I also know the readability of my articles to see if it is a good fit.

Tip #2 Use Smart Keywords. On the Yoast SEO section of the post where you choose keywords, you want to make sure you choose them well. If you wouldn’t look up “My First Day of College” then don’t use that, use “What You Need to Know for Your First Day of College”. If people don’t search it, they won’t find it. My title is “How to Get Your Blog Seen” This is the number one way people will organically find you.

Tip #3 Have Relevant Keywords. My title is “How to Get Your Blog Seen” but I could have bananas as a keyword despite it being irrelevant to my post, or blog in general.

Check out “How to Start a Blog” to see more content like this.

Current Makeup Collection.

Current Makeup Collection July High-End Makeup Collection

I have an exclusively high-end makeup collection at the moment. I don’t use makeup every day, therefore, I can afford to splurge on more expensive products. There is absolutely nothing wrong with drugstore makeup, however, I typically aim for quality over quantity in the items I own like makeup and clothes. I am very fair in complexion, so sometimes my options are quite limited. I shop at Sephora because their online shipping is easy and the Beauty Insider account is a bonus.

Makeup Collection:

  • Face Primer. Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer was a birthday gift from my sister, and I have used it every time I wear makeup since. It is moisturizing and feels really good on the skin. It has a gentle scent that is not chemically.
  • Foundation. I use Make Up For Ever Water Blend Face & Body Foundation. It is a light coverage buildable product that gives me the moisture I crave in face products. The finish is more on the dewy side, and can almost appear as a tinted moisturizer when applied with a sponge. I use shade Y215.
  • Concealer. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly is perfect for me. It is basically the colour of my skin and is more of a medium coverage when applied with a sponge making it easy to cover my very dark undereye area.
  • Eyeshadow. My very first Sephora purchase was the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. I to this day love it. I am not very adventurous when it comes to makeup, so this palette has everything I need.
  • Eyeliner. I got Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer. I don’t use eyeliner often so I don’t have much of an opinion on it.
  • Eyebrows. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Blonde is perfect for taming my crazy brows and filling in the patchy spots in a way that is not overly dramatic.
  • Lipstick.
    • Pink Lipstick. Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien is a gorgeous satin pink with a gold iridescence. I first got this for a birthday present from Sephora.
    • Rose Lipstick. Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Creme Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has gone unused so far because I am saving it for an occasion.
    • Red Lipstick. The birthday gift in 2015 included Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella. It is not drying compared to other matte lipsticks I have tried, but I look like snow white with such a bright colour so save it for Halloween.
  • Setting Powder. My setting powder is almost a very subtle highlighter. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Etherial Light provides an almost-white glow that compliments my complexion more than any other I have tried.
  • Setting Spray. It’s more of a face mist that I use to set my makeup. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting Mist is perfect for natural makeup for those with dry skin.

**As an affiliate if you make a purchase of any of the items below I may receive a small commission.**



How to Start a Blog Right.

How To Start A Blog Right The Steps You Need To Know Before You Start A Blog

This is a guide on steps you need take to start a monetizable blog. Before I started a blog I put in a lot of research. Believe me. I have learned through trial and error how to start a blog the right way. This is for absolute beginners.

Most people I have seen tell you to pick a niche first before you do anything. And this may be the reason people start in the first place. You might want to have a Mommy Blog or a Fashion Blog, but it is completely okay to not know where your content is heading.

Instead, I propose that before you do anything, ask yourself “Do I want to make money blogging?” If you would like to make money, whether it is a full-time job or a few cents for the hobby, you need to be self-hosted. If not I recommend It is completely free and requires little effort to set up. All you do is sign up, pick a theme, customize, and post.

However, this guide is for those who wish to make some money.

Step 1: Choose a Host.

A website host is the way that your website is connected to the Internet. Personally, I recommend Bluehost. I have used it for two separate websites and have never had a problem. Others may tell you to start with a higher end package when starting web-hosting, but you honestly don’t need it. There is not going to be an overwhelming amount of traffic, and the perks are unnecessary when starting out. If you later feel that it is you can easily upgrade. I choose the 36-month contract because not only is it the least expensive monthly rate (which is charged once at the beginning) but it allows me to have 3 years between renewal, so I don’t have to remember. I have seen other people recommend other Hosting Providers but have not used them, so can not give them a fair review. Disclaimer: I am a Bluehost Affiliate, therefore if you use my link and purchase services I have a chance that I could make a commission.

Once you start you can choose a domain name. This is the title of your website, and how people will find you. On my “About Me” page I explain why I chose mine. I went with something more tied to my personal identity instead of a particular niche, however, if you know exactly what audience you want it may be helpful to attract them with an appealing domain for that category.

For a full and detailed tutorial on Bluehost setup, I recommend checking out “Bluehost Beginner’s Guide” on Website Setup.

Step 2: Choose a Platform.

Bluehost has a one-click installation for which is what I use and recommend. If you are particular about launching quickly with all the little details the way you want it, you can test out themes on first to get a feel for what you like before making any financial commitment. I am currently using the Theme Pique. I didn’t find it necessary to purchase a theme when there are perfectly good themes available for free. It also allows you to change your mind later without regretting spending money.


Step 3: Become Searchable.

After you are done be sure to publish the site so that the page can be found using the URL, not a “website under construction” page. In order for people to be able to find your website, you must add it to search engines. Search engines like Google, and Bing.

Now that people can find your website by looking for you using search engines it is time to focus on where the majority of your traffic will come from. Social Media is the main source of traffic. Even more so, bloggers typically have the majority from Pinterest. Here is where it gets more laboursome. In order for people to want to see your post it must seem interesting to them. Post images are important to draw people in to click and read. I use Photoshop Elements 11, but I have had this program for years and you don’t need something so expensive. Any tool that allows you to put text over images will do. I personally don’t recommend using stock images because it can lead to trouble in the future if you aren’t too careful. On top of this you can use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to name a few. But do not spread yourself thin. I recommend focusing on 2-3 so you don’t burn out or have to much repetition.


Step 4: Monetize.

Do not, I repeat do not go crazy with monetization. The methods I use to monetize are listed in my “Full Disclosure” page. I recommend starting with Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. There are ads on my blog in order to make some form of revenue from page views, but the more ads you place the busier your blog will look and the more overwhelming it will become for readers.  I suggest 1 add on your sidebar if you have one, and 1 on each post, unless they are very long, then 3 maximum. Amazon Affiliates is not an intentional way to make money on my part, but I use it because if I mention a product I like to link to it incase someone else would like to try it. Amazon has so many products and is a reliable website. I would never send someone to a website I don’t trust using myself.

5 Bullet Journal Basics.

5 Bullet Journal Basics Everything You Need To Know About Bullet Journals

I started my bullet journal recently and have written down some bullet journal basics I wish I had known before.

Here is what I have learned:

Tip #1 You Don’t Need a Lot of Supplies. I have Moleskine Large Grid Notebook*. A pencil, eraser, and a 10 pack of Staedtler Triplus Fineliners*, and a White Sakura Gellyroll Pen*, and a ruler. And you don’t even need that much. I just wanted some variety.

Tip #2 You Will Make Mistakes. The reason I bought the white pen is because I make tiny mistakes. I just used the pen to cover it up.

Tip #3 Keep it Simple. I went way to complicated to start and it left me not wanting to continue. Start adding more complexity after you have gotten into the habit of it.

Tip #4 Don’t Plan Too Far Ahead. I am so bad for this. However, I have forced myself to follow so ways to avoid planning too far while not leading to future regret. I have pages blocked off for every week of the year so that I can fill out those pages in the future, and behind them is where I started my monthly calendars and my random pages for that month.

Tip #5 Bullet Journals are Personal. Don’t think that you have to have a beautiful journal, drawers of supplies and hours put into it. You can have a terribly unorganized single pen mess and still bullet journal. There is absolutely no need to compare your journal to anyone else’s.

And most of all, have fun with it. If you would like an idea for a weekly layout please watch “Easy Bullet Journal Layout for Beginners

*As an Amazon Affiliate if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission.


Must Have Wardrobe: An 80 Piece Closet

Must Have Wardrobe AN 80 Piece Closet Minimize Your Distractions With A Minimalist Wardrobe

When I was younger I honestly had way too many clothes. It was impossible to keep up with putting it away, so my room was a disaster. It was difficult to choose what to wear because of the overwhelming quantity. When I graduated high school I decided enough was enough. I sat down over the course of almost a year and added to a list of must haves as seasons changed. So I have a list for myself of a must have wardrobe. This is that list currently:

Outerwear: (9)

  • 1 Winter Coat. I prefer a military style parka with faux fur trim. It goes with the majority of outfits and is not the common colour choice of black while still remaining neutral.
  • 1 Rain Coat. I gravitate towards the traditional yellow due to the youthful vibe, of a chic transparent option.
  • 1 Lightweight Fall Jacket. Noticing a pattern, I again went for a military jacket style.
  • 4 Fashion Jackets:
    • 1 Biker Jacket. A faux leather biker jacket adds some much-needed edge to my feminine appearance and is incredibly versatile.
    • 1 Denim Jacket. I prefer a slightly oversized and slightly distressed look in a medium wash because I usually wear dark wash jeans.
    • 1 Bomber Jacket. I didn’t realise how amazing bomber jackets were until they became a trend. The satiny finish in a lightweight fabric is easily fashionable and comfortable stylish.
    • 1 Personality Jacket. Everyone needs a unique jacket catered to their personal style. I went for a grey suede biker jacket because the cut is edgy yet the fabric remains feminine.1
  • Trench Coat. An absolute fall staple. Also, can add a classy and mysterious look to an everyday outfit, and a romantic look when paired with a dress.
  • 1 Windbreaker. Practical pieces can still be a cohesive part of your wardrobe. I choose a burgundy colour to add some variety to my colour scheme.


Layers: (17)

  • 1 Black Blazer. I don’t like buttons on blazers because I weigh more towards a casual look. I wear it with jeans and a tee all the time.
  • 1 Personality Blazer. This can be any colour or pattern. I choose a very feminine cream coloured blazer with 3/4 sleeves and again no buttons.
  • 2 Cardigans:
    • 1 Neutral Cardigan. I opted for a white oversized cardigan. It is a light knit so it is still comfortable in the summer.
    • 1 Personality Cardigan. A chunky blue knit cardigan it perfect for layering in the fall and winter.
  • 4 Pullovers:
    • 1 Striped Crewneck. A classic item in every wardrobe.
    • 1 Chunky Knit. I went for an oversized beige pullover to add warmer tones to my wardrobe.
    • 1 Neutral Crewneck. I went with grey because it is my favourite neutral.
    • 1 Personality Pullover. I choose a crewneck from my university to show off personality.
  • 3 Sweaters:
    • 1 Flowy Sweater. A light flowy sweater is perfect for summer mornings when it isn’t quite hot out, or to pair with a dress.
    • 1 Neural Sweater. I chose a heathered colour to add pattern to a basic piece.
    • 1 Long Sweater. Some days you just want your butt covered, whether you are wearing showy pants, or are afraid of leaking, it is a much-appreciated addition.
  • 6 Camis:
    • 1 Black Cami. Straight forward.
    • 1 White Cami. Easy for layering.
    • 4 Miscellaneous Neutral Camis. I choose grey, dusty rose, maroon and navy.


Tops: (26)

  • 4 Button-Ups:
    • 1 White Button-Up. Very professional looking. I have it for presentations.
    • 1 Patterned Button-Up. I spill food constantly so a dark colour was best. Navy with small white polka dots is a youthful pattern without being too childish.
    • 1 Neutral Button-Up. I chose a military style. Again.
    • 1 Denim Button-Up. I prefer a light wash since I tend to wear dark wash jeans.
  • 16 Sleeveless or Short-Sleeve:
    • 1 White Tee. Goes with absolutely everything.
    • 1 Black Tee. Again a great basic.
    • 1 Striped Tee. I like the less harsh grey and white combination.
    • 4 Neutral Tees. I like to add a variety of colour with neutral tees.
    • 4 Personality Tees. I like a lot of options with tops because it is a great way to add a hint of you to your wardrobe.
    • 4 Band Tees. These are a staple in my closet. I love them. If you don’t like them go for graphic tees instead.
    • 1 Graphic Tee. I say go for something silly that makes you laugh or smile. I like the NASA graphic tee.
  • 3 Long-Sleeve:
    • 1 Long Length Top. Again helpful for the booty-conscious days.
    • 2 Neutral Tops. Useful for layering in the colder months.
  • 3 Evening Tops:
    • 1 White Top. Versatile and classic.
    • 1 Metallic Top. Perfect for the holiday season.
    • 1 Neutral Top. Pairs with anything and can be worn on casual days for a more professional appearancee.

Bottoms: (18)

  • 6 Pairs of Jeans:
    • 1 Very Dark Wash. In business casual workplaces very dark wash jeans are my go-to.
    • 1 Black Wash. A must. Especially when paired with white tops.
    • 1 Distressed Jean. The ultimate casual pant.
    • 3 Neutral Jeans. I play with different washes or rises.
  • 1 Casual Pant. Any colour, cut, or pattern, add some personality. I like military style pants.
  • 3 Dress Bottoms:
    • 1 Black Chinos. I wear these as dress pants.
    • 1 Navy Chinos. Can easily be dressed up for work.
    • 1 Khaki Chinos. Can be casual or business.
  • 4 Skirts.
    • 1 Basic Black Skirt. Can be dressed up for formal occasions.
    • 1 Detailed Black Skirt. A casual and flirty basic.
    • 1 Plaid Skirt. Perfect for fall.
    • 1 Neutral Skirt. Could be khaki, denim, leather.
  • 4 Shorts.
    • 2 Jean Shorts. One medium and one dark wash.
    • 1 Black Pair. Adds options without fear of getting dirty or stained.
    • 1 Khaki Pair. A work-appropriate colour but can be dressed down.

Dresses: (10)

    • 3 Long-Sleeve:
      • 1 Lace Dress. A classic piece.
      • 1 Black Dress. A casual choice is a peter pan collar.
      • 1 Personality Dress. I like to colour here.
    • 5 Short-Sleeve or Sleeveless:
      • 1 Floral Dress. A summer staple.
      • 1 T-Shirt Dress. So casual and so cute.
      • 1 Demin Dress. Surprisingly adorable. And I have a thing for denim.
      • 2 Personality Dresses. Add colour, pattern, and style.
    • 2 Party Dresses:
      • 1 Little Black Dress. So obvious.
      • 1 Sequin Dress. Perfect for holiday parties.

See my other wardrobe post Shoes for footwear.

Importance of Preserving Family History

Importance of Preserving Family History The Search For The History Behind My Name Begins

I have often wonder what my exact heritage is. Where does my name come from. All I truly know is what my family has told me, which after generations can be altered memories or even forgotten. I am not certain of all the places my family is from, or how far back my ancestry goes, but it is one of those things I would like to know. I also think it would be fascinating to know what diseases I am likely to encounter as I age.

As far as I am aware my family is descended from Europe specifically in Ireland and Scottland. But I am unaware of written history confirming this. In order to prevent the loss of history further, it could be very important to write down you family history.

Here is how I propose you start:

Tip #1 Personal History. Write down when and where you were born. Where you have moved to, who your parents are. Record information you would consider important when looking up your ancestors.

Tip #2 Parent History. Ask you parents for the same information you have recorded about yourself, and if they can tell you for certain, information about their parents too.

Tip #3 Spouse and Children History. Record the same for your spouse as you have. When events happen with your children write it all down.

Tip #4 Cumulate Information. If you do this, and then recommend your siblings to do so, and your cousins, and your aunts and uncles, eventually you will end up with a large detailed family tree. This way those in the future can more easily find what you are struggling to find now. So your name doesn’t get lost.

Because of this, I am considering taking a DNA test such an AncestryDNA or 23AndMe. I will be sure to update if and when I do. I would love to know if anyone has done either and would recommend it.