How to Start a Blog Right.

How To Start A Blog Right The Steps You Need To Know Before You Start A Blog

This is a guide on steps you need take to start a monetizable blog. Before I started a blog I put in a lot of research. Believe me. I have learned through trial and error how to start a blog the right way. This is for absolute beginners.

Most people I have seen tell you to pick a niche first before you do anything. And this may be the reason people start in the first place. You might want to have a Mommy Blog or a Fashion Blog, but it is completely okay to not know where your content is heading.

Instead, I propose that before you do anything, ask yourself “Do I want to make money blogging?” If you would like to make money, whether it is a full-time job or a few cents for the hobby, you need to be self-hosted. If not I recommend It is completely free and requires little effort to set up. All you do is sign up, pick a theme, customize, and post.

However, this guide is for those who wish to make some money.

Step 1: Choose a Host.

A website host is the way that your website is connected to the Internet. Personally, I recommend Bluehost. I have used it for two separate websites and have never had a problem. Others may tell you to start with a higher end package when starting web-hosting, but you honestly don’t need it. There is not going to be an overwhelming amount of traffic, and the perks are unnecessary when starting out. If you later feel that it is you can easily upgrade. I choose the 36-month contract because not only is it the least expensive monthly rate (which is charged once at the beginning) but it allows me to have 3 years between renewal, so I don’t have to remember. I have seen other people recommend other Hosting Providers but have not used them, so can not give them a fair review. Disclaimer: I am a Bluehost Affiliate, therefore if you use my link and purchase services I have a chance that I could make a commission.

Once you start you can choose a domain name. This is the title of your website, and how people will find you. On my “About Me” page I explain why I chose mine. I went with something more tied to my personal identity instead of a particular niche, however, if you know exactly what audience you want it may be helpful to attract them with an appealing domain for that category.

For a full and detailed tutorial on Bluehost setup, I recommend checking out “Bluehost Beginner’s Guide” on Website Setup.

Step 2: Choose a Platform.

Bluehost has a one-click installation for which is what I use and recommend. If you are particular about launching quickly with all the little details the way you want it, you can test out themes on first to get a feel for what you like before making any financial commitment. I am currently using the Theme Pique. I didn’t find it necessary to purchase a theme when there are perfectly good themes available for free. It also allows you to change your mind later without regretting spending money.


Step 3: Become Searchable.

After you are done be sure to publish the site so that the page can be found using the URL, not a “website under construction” page. In order for people to be able to find your website, you must add it to search engines. Search engines like Google, and Bing.

Now that people can find your website by looking for you using search engines it is time to focus on where the majority of your traffic will come from. Social Media is the main source of traffic. Even more so, bloggers typically have the majority from Pinterest. Here is where it gets more laboursome. In order for people to want to see your post it must seem interesting to them. Post images are important to draw people in to click and read. I use Photoshop Elements 11, but I have had this program for years and you don’t need something so expensive. Any tool that allows you to put text over images will do. I personally don’t recommend using stock images because it can lead to trouble in the future if you aren’t too careful. On top of this you can use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to name a few. But do not spread yourself thin. I recommend focusing on 2-3 so you don’t burn out or have to much repetition.


Step 4: Monetize.

Do not, I repeat do not go crazy with monetization. The methods I use to monetize are listed in my “Full Disclosure” page. I recommend starting with Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. There are ads on my blog in order to make some form of revenue from page views, but the more ads you place the busier your blog will look and the more overwhelming it will become for readers.  I suggest 1 add on your sidebar if you have one, and 1 on each post, unless they are very long, then 3 maximum. Amazon Affiliates is not an intentional way to make money on my part, but I use it because if I mention a product I like to link to it incase someone else would like to try it. Amazon has so many products and is a reliable website. I would never send someone to a website I don’t trust using myself.

5 Bullet Journal Basics.

5 Bullet Journal Basics Everything You Need To Know About Bullet Journals

I started my bullet journal recently and have written down some bullet journal basics I wish I had known before.

Here is what I have learned:

Tip #1 You Don’t Need a Lot of Supplies. I have Moleskine Large Grid Notebook*. A pencil, eraser, and a 10 pack of Staedtler Triplus Fineliners*, and a White Sakura Gellyroll Pen*, and a ruler. And you don’t even need that much. I just wanted some variety.

Tip #2 You Will Make Mistakes. The reason I bought the white pen is because I make tiny mistakes. I just used the pen to cover it up.

Tip #3 Keep it Simple. I went way to complicated to start and it left me not wanting to continue. Start adding more complexity after you have gotten into the habit of it.

Tip #4 Don’t Plan Too Far Ahead. I am so bad for this. However, I have forced myself to follow so ways to avoid planning too far while not leading to future regret. I have pages blocked off for every week of the year so that I can fill out those pages in the future, and behind them is where I started my monthly calendars and my random pages for that month.

Tip #5 Bullet Journals are Personal. Don’t think that you have to have a beautiful journal, drawers of supplies and hours put into it. You can have a terribly unorganized single pen mess and still bullet journal. There is absolutely no need to compare your journal to anyone else’s.

And most of all, have fun with it. If you would like an idea for a weekly layout please watch “Easy Bullet Journal Layout for Beginners

*As an Amazon Affiliate if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission.


Must Have Wardrobe: An 80 Piece Closet

Must Have Wardrobe AN 80 Piece Closet Minimize Your Distractions With A Minimalist Wardrobe

When I was younger I honestly had way too many clothes. It was impossible to keep up with putting it away, so my room was a disaster. It was difficult to choose what to wear because of the overwhelming quantity. When I graduated high school I decided enough was enough. I sat down over the course of almost a year and added to a list of must haves as seasons changed. So I have a list for myself of a must have wardrobe. This is that list currently:

Outerwear: (9)

  • 1 Winter Coat. I prefer a military style parka with faux fur trim. It goes with the majority of outfits and is not the common colour choice of black while still remaining neutral.
  • 1 Rain Coat. I gravitate towards the traditional yellow due to the youthful vibe, of a chic transparent option.
  • 1 Lightweight Fall Jacket. Noticing a pattern, I again went for a military jacket style.
  • 4 Fashion Jackets:
    • 1 Biker Jacket. A faux leather biker jacket adds some much-needed edge to my feminine appearance and is incredibly versatile.
    • 1 Denim Jacket. I prefer a slightly oversized and slightly distressed look in a medium wash because I usually wear dark wash jeans.
    • 1 Bomber Jacket. I didn’t realise how amazing bomber jackets were until they became a trend. The satiny finish in a lightweight fabric is easily fashionable and comfortable stylish.
    • 1 Personality Jacket. Everyone needs a unique jacket catered to their personal style. I went for a grey suede biker jacket because the cut is edgy yet the fabric remains feminine.1
  • Trench Coat. An absolute fall staple. Also, can add a classy and mysterious look to an everyday outfit, and a romantic look when paired with a dress.
  • 1 Windbreaker. Practical pieces can still be a cohesive part of your wardrobe. I choose a burgundy colour to add some variety to my colour scheme.


Layers: (17)

  • 1 Black Blazer. I don’t like buttons on blazers because I weigh more towards a casual look. I wear it with jeans and a tee all the time.
  • 1 Personality Blazer. This can be any colour or pattern. I choose a very feminine cream coloured blazer with 3/4 sleeves and again no buttons.
  • 2 Cardigans:
    • 1 Neutral Cardigan. I opted for a white oversized cardigan. It is a light knit so it is still comfortable in the summer.
    • 1 Personality Cardigan. A chunky blue knit cardigan it perfect for layering in the fall and winter.
  • 4 Pullovers:
    • 1 Striped Crewneck. A classic item in every wardrobe.
    • 1 Chunky Knit. I went for an oversized beige pullover to add warmer tones to my wardrobe.
    • 1 Neutral Crewneck. I went with grey because it is my favourite neutral.
    • 1 Personality Pullover. I choose a crewneck from my university to show off personality.
  • 3 Sweaters:
    • 1 Flowy Sweater. A light flowy sweater is perfect for summer mornings when it isn’t quite hot out, or to pair with a dress.
    • 1 Neural Sweater. I chose a heathered colour to add pattern to a basic piece.
    • 1 Long Sweater. Some days you just want your butt covered, whether you are wearing showy pants, or are afraid of leaking, it is a much-appreciated addition.
  • 6 Camis:
    • 1 Black Cami. Straight forward.
    • 1 White Cami. Easy for layering.
    • 4 Miscellaneous Neutral Camis. I choose grey, dusty rose, maroon and navy.


Tops: (26)

  • 4 Button-Ups:
    • 1 White Button-Up. Very professional looking. I have it for presentations.
    • 1 Patterned Button-Up. I spill food constantly so a dark colour was best. Navy with small white polka dots is a youthful pattern without being too childish.
    • 1 Neutral Button-Up. I chose a military style. Again.
    • 1 Denim Button-Up. I prefer a light wash since I tend to wear dark wash jeans.
  • 16 Sleeveless or Short-Sleeve:
    • 1 White Tee. Goes with absolutely everything.
    • 1 Black Tee. Again a great basic.
    • 1 Striped Tee. I like the less harsh grey and white combination.
    • 4 Neutral Tees. I like to add a variety of colour with neutral tees.
    • 4 Personality Tees. I like a lot of options with tops because it is a great way to add a hint of you to your wardrobe.
    • 4 Band Tees. These are a staple in my closet. I love them. If you don’t like them go for graphic tees instead.
    • 1 Graphic Tee. I say go for something silly that makes you laugh or smile. I like the NASA graphic tee.
  • 3 Long-Sleeve:
    • 1 Long Length Top. Again helpful for the booty-conscious days.
    • 2 Neutral Tops. Useful for layering in the colder months.
  • 3 Evening Tops:
    • 1 White Top. Versatile and classic.
    • 1 Metallic Top. Perfect for the holiday season.
    • 1 Neutral Top. Pairs with anything and can be worn on casual days for a more professional appearancee.

Bottoms: (18)

  • 6 Pairs of Jeans:
    • 1 Very Dark Wash. In business casual workplaces very dark wash jeans are my go-to.
    • 1 Black Wash. A must. Especially when paired with white tops.
    • 1 Distressed Jean. The ultimate casual pant.
    • 3 Neutral Jeans. I play with different washes or rises.
  • 1 Casual Pant. Any colour, cut, or pattern, add some personality. I like military style pants.
  • 3 Dress Bottoms:
    • 1 Black Chinos. I wear these as dress pants.
    • 1 Navy Chinos. Can easily be dressed up for work.
    • 1 Khaki Chinos. Can be casual or business.
  • 4 Skirts.
    • 1 Basic Black Skirt. Can be dressed up for formal occasions.
    • 1 Detailed Black Skirt. A casual and flirty basic.
    • 1 Plaid Skirt. Perfect for fall.
    • 1 Neutral Skirt. Could be khaki, denim, leather.
  • 4 Shorts.
    • 2 Jean Shorts. One medium and one dark wash.
    • 1 Black Pair. Adds options without fear of getting dirty or stained.
    • 1 Khaki Pair. A work-appropriate colour but can be dressed down.

Dresses: (10)

    • 3 Long-Sleeve:
      • 1 Lace Dress. A classic piece.
      • 1 Black Dress. A casual choice is a peter pan collar.
      • 1 Personality Dress. I like to colour here.
    • 5 Short-Sleeve or Sleeveless:
      • 1 Floral Dress. A summer staple.
      • 1 T-Shirt Dress. So casual and so cute.
      • 1 Demin Dress. Surprisingly adorable. And I have a thing for denim.
      • 2 Personality Dresses. Add colour, pattern, and style.
    • 2 Party Dresses:
      • 1 Little Black Dress. So obvious.
      • 1 Sequin Dress. Perfect for holiday parties.

See my other wardrobe post Shoes for footwear.

Importance of Preserving Family History

Importance of Preserving Family History The Search For The History Behind My Name Begins

I have often wonder what my exact heritage is. Where does my name come from. All I truly know is what my family has told me, which after generations can be altered memories or even forgotten. I am not certain of all the places my family is from, or how far back my ancestry goes, but it is one of those things I would like to know. I also think it would be fascinating to know what diseases I am likely to encounter as I age.

As far as I am aware my family is descended from Europe specifically in Ireland and Scottland. But I am unaware of written history confirming this. In order to prevent the loss of history further, it could be very important to write down you family history.

Here is how I propose you start:

Tip #1 Personal History. Write down when and where you were born. Where you have moved to, who your parents are. Record information you would consider important when looking up your ancestors.

Tip #2 Parent History. Ask you parents for the same information you have recorded about yourself, and if they can tell you for certain, information about their parents too.

Tip #3 Spouse and Children History. Record the same for your spouse as you have. When events happen with your children write it all down.

Tip #4 Cumulate Information. If you do this, and then recommend your siblings to do so, and your cousins, and your aunts and uncles, eventually you will end up with a large detailed family tree. This way those in the future can more easily find what you are struggling to find now. So your name doesn’t get lost.

Because of this, I am considering taking a DNA test such an AncestryDNA or 23AndMe. I will be sure to update if and when I do. I would love to know if anyone has done either and would recommend it.

How to Make Side Cash.

How to Make Side Cash I Started My Own Job And Here Is How I Did It

I am currently a student. But, it is currently summer, therefore there is an opportunity to make myself some money. How to make side cash if you will. However, when I have classes it is very difficult to find time to work with my ridiculously hectic schedule. I now have a better system in place for that. Finding a small family owned business that was not operating to its full potential was what I set out to do.  Now I’m working for them. I created a website, Facebook page, business email, and specifically for increased income instead of increased traffic, a Kijiji account.

Kijiji is used to list items. You can help a successful purchase be made for an item the company has, and if not it still increases traffic and awareness for the business. This is my side summer job which I have set up to be capable of continuing well into the school year to try and combat those crazy tuition costs.

If you would like to do the same here is how I would go about it:

Tip #1 Look for Small Businesses. A small business is far less likely to be reaching all of its potentials. Usually, the owner and manager are the same people. So they don’t have time to look for or do themselves the job you are proposing.

Tip #2 Think Social. Social Media is the way that a lot of advertising is done, and it can be completely free. Managing a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are all ways to get more people to see that business without spending a cent.

Tip #3 Website Opportunities. Is there a way to get this business more profit online. A website can show locations, make appointments, or even order a product. When seeing a small bakery that doesn’t have the option to pre-order, propose a website that allows for birthday cakes to be customized with lettering in specific colours to be picked up on a certain day. Or, reserve an item in a clothing store to try on in store. The possibilities are only as big as your imagination.

what ways have you discovered for how to make side cash?

Boyfriend Gift Ideas.

Boyfriend Gift Ideas What To Get Your Boyfriend Or Husband For His Birthday

It was my man’s birthday this week and I was so excited to show him what was picked special for him. I made him a 100+ page book of edible plants, berries, and mushrooms from where we live and he was ecstatic, to say the least. It took weeks. No joke. But it was completely worth it to see his reaction. On top of that, I got him an instant camera. He adored it, to say the least. I was smiling ear to ear all day. One birthday well done. You might not have an idea in mind so here are some boyfriend gift ideas.

If you are clueless as to what to get your man for his birthday here are some ideas:

Idea #1 A Camera. It is a romantic way to capture your future together. I went with a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera* which perfectly fits our love for retro cameras while still being technologically advanced. You could also get a disposable camera like the Kodak Single Use Cameras* or a digital camera like the Canon EOS Rebel T6i* depending on their preferences.

Idea #2 A Blanket. I made my man a blanket for Christmas because he is so tall that they never cover his toes. He absolutely loved it, even before he knew I made it.

Idea #3 His Favourite Movie. These days it is less likely to own a physical copy of a movie. If you get the actual DVD it can be a sweet gesture or a VHS for nostalgia.

Idea #4 A Sweater. If you are prone to stealing his sweaters it is always appreciated to have more.

Idea #5 Car Stuff. This can range from a remote starter to a steering wheel cover, or even a safety kit. Everyone likes a little perk to their vehicle, especially if he tends not to buy comfort items for their’s because it is a want, not a need.

Do you have any boyfriend gift ideas?

*As an Amazon Affiliate if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission.

How to Compliment.

How To Compliment Mistakes You Might Be Making When Giving Compliments

A Back-handed compliment is one of my least favourite things that people do. Saying “You look really nice” is a great thing to say to someone. “You actually look nice today” is a huge jerk move. Don’t do that. You are just a bitter human being if you need to tear someone down and make them thank you while doing it. You are so not a decent person if you do it intentionally, and if it is accidental, please correct yourself. But please, don’t be that person. I am all about loving yourself and others. The world would be a much better place if we felt comfortable openly sharing our positive feelings.

In high school, it was very common for the “popular” students to speak in back-handed compliments. Upon noticing this trend I spoke to my friends informing them of this behaviour. Some were shocked that they participated in sly wordplay. Others were well aware of it but didn’t realize the impact that it could have. This is me asking for those too afraid to. I know it is a common phrase “think before you speak” but I don’t think individuals put much thought before what they believe is a nice thing to say.

Here are ways to compliment someone better:

Tip #1 Don’t Specifically Exclude. If you are telling someone you like their outfit, don’t say “today” it makes it seem more like you dislike their outfit every other day. That turns it into an insult.

Tip #2 Smile. If you aren’t seemingly genuine it could seem like more of a sarcastic statement than a compliment. This creates the opposite emotion you are trying to create.

Tip #3 Compliments Aren’t Currency. There is not a limited number of compliments you can give. If you like something, tell someone. And do not be shy about it. If you see a painting someone painted tell everyone you loved it, appreciation is always welcome.


Wedding Gift Ideas 2017.

Wedding Gift Ideas 2017 Perfect Gift Ideas For Weddings 2017

You all know what that means, not only are your weekends filled with fancy clothes and late nights but wedding gifts. When attending a wedding it is customary to bring a gift for the bride and groom. Usually, people have a money box, or a gift registry set up. But, sometimes you just want to get them something that showed you put a lot of thought in. Purchasing a gift they spelled out for people can seem impersonal. Money can seem downright lazy, although greatly appreciated.

Here are some of my wedding gift ideas:

Idea #1 Gift Republic Name a Star Gift Box*. My absolute favourite unexpected gift idea. Technically no one can own a star, therefore name it, but the act of naming a star together seems so romantic to me.

Idea #2 Map Pillow.  More of a DIY, or paid service. Getting a pillow cover and ironing on a map of where the couple first met, or the town they live in is such a sentimental piece no one would think to ask for.

Idea #3 Overlooked Household Musts. Coasters for the new table, flowers need a vase, everyone has a favourite mug that doesn’t make the boring set.

Idea #4 House Plants. Aloe Vera is very low maintenance, yet is an easy solution for common kitchen cuts.

Do you have any wedding gift ideas I may have forgotten?

*As an Amazon Affiliate if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission.


How to Clean Your Room.

How to Clean Your Room How To Clean Your Room And Keep It Clean

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is your bedroom. It is important that this space is stress-free for you. A messy room can start your day poorly. An overwhelming feeling is often created when seeing a large project. So you should find a way for how to clean your room. Often people will ignore the problem to prevent dealing with it, which will make it worse.

Here are some tips on how to clean your room:

Tip #1 It All Starts with Clothes. Check out Closets Edition.

Tip #2 Trays. I have serving trays all over my house. It is the best for giving purpose to anything. Next to my bed on my nightstand. Which is actually a step stool. Weird I know.  But seriously I have my necklace given to me by my boy, my ring box, lavender oil. I just put stuff on it that I want to stay out, and bam. It now has a purpose.

Tip #3 Put it on the Wall. Do not hesitate to put your stuff on the wall if you can. Put up shelves to display your aesthetically pleasing items. We all have ugly stuff too, so put that junk in a basket. Have a guitar? Mount that bad boy on the wall. Storage and decoration.

Tip #4 Rugs. Weird I know. But put a rug on the wall and your room looks instantly more put together. Plus it is super cozy and I think it looks really pretty.

Tip #5 Keep it Simple. If you stick to a colour pallet or your furniture to a certain style your room will look less cluttered before you add anything to it in terms of accessories.