Importance of Preserving Family History

I have often wonder what my exact heritage is. Where does my name come from. All I truly know is what my family has told me, which after generations can be altered memories or even forgotten. I am not certain of all the places my family is from, or how far back my ancestry goes, but it is one of those things I would like to know. I also think it would be fascinating to know what diseases I am likely to encounter as I age.

As far as I am aware my family is descended from Europe specifically in Ireland and Scottland. But I am unaware of written history confirming this. In order to prevent the loss of history further, it could be very important to write down you family history.

Here is how I propose you start:

Tip #1 Personal History. Write down when and where you were born. Where you have moved to, who your parents are. Record information you would consider important when looking up your ancestors.

Tip #2 Parent History. Ask you parents for the same information you have recorded about yourself, and if they can tell you for certain, information about their parents too.

Tip #3 Spouse and Children History. Record the same for your spouse as you have. When events happen with your children write it all down.

Tip #4 Cumulate Information. If you do this, and then recommend your siblings to do so, and your cousins, and your aunts and uncles, eventually you will end up with a large detailed family tree. This way those in the future can more easily find what you are struggling to find now. So your name doesn’t get lost.

Because of this, I am considering taking a DNA test such an AncestryDNA or 23AndMe. I will be sure to update if and when I do. I would love to know if anyone has done either and would recommend it.