How to Declutter Your Closet.

I am super messy, like ridiculously messy. I have absolutely no problem admitting it, just like if I were neat by nature. Over the past few years, the messy state of being I was existing in finally found some order. I wanted to know what you should do and how to declutter your closet.

One day I woke up with a fresh perspective and motivation to get stuff done. I started with what felt like my most daunting task, my closet. It’s not that I had a lot of clothes, but that I had no way to properly organize it. Off I went to Ikea. I got an Algot system that I plannedĀ online, so I knew exactly what I wanted to get.

After that was installed I started by going through every single item of clothing I owned. I did not dare put anything away until I decided I wanted to keep it. Once I knew everything I was keeping it made it very easy to put everything into its new place. Now I have a specific location for everything and know exactly where it goes, so it is an absolute breeze to put my clothes away now because there in no feeling of being overwhelmed.

When it came to sorting through my clothes it was pretty easy, I don’t hold a lot of attachment to most items. I kept a small box full of sentimental items, but other than that everything else was donated.

Questions for how to declutter your closet:

Question #1 Do I like it? Because if you don’t there is no point in keeping it, even if it was a gift.

Question #2 Do I actually wear it? If you are not going to wear it then it’s just taking up space you could use for things you will wear.

Question #3 Does it fit? If it does not fit right then you won’t feel good wearing it.

Question #4 Does it need to be repaired? And if so, will I actually repair it? I am super unlikely to actually repair something myself, so I don’t need to keep items that I’m never going to fix.

Question #5 Do I already have something like it? You don’t need 10 plain black tees. You won’t wear them all enough for it to be worth it.

After I sorted through everything I decided to donate all of the good pieces I wasn’t going to keep.

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