How to Clean Your Room.

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is your bedroom. It is important that this space is stress-free for you. A messy room can start your day poorly. An overwhelming feeling is often created when seeing a large project. So you should find a way for how to clean your room. Often people will ignore the problem to prevent dealing with it, which will make it worse.

Here are some tips on how to clean your room:

Tip #1 It All Starts with Clothes. Check out Closets Edition.

Tip #2 Trays. I have serving trays all over my house. It is the best for giving purpose to anything. Next to my bed on my nightstand. Which is actually a step stool. Weird I know.  But seriously I have my necklace given to me by my boy, my ring box, lavender oil. I just put stuff on it that I want to stay out, and bam. It now has a purpose.

Tip #3 Put it on the Wall. Do not hesitate to put your stuff on the wall if you can. Put up shelves to display your aesthetically pleasing items. We all have ugly stuff too, so put that junk in a basket. Have a guitar? Mount that bad boy on the wall. Storage and decoration.

Tip #4 Rugs. Weird I know. But put a rug on the wall and your room looks instantly more put together. Plus it is super cozy and I think it looks really pretty.

Tip #5 Keep it Simple. If you stick to a colour pallet or your furniture to a certain style your room will look less cluttered before you add anything to it in terms of accessories.