How to Be Happy.

When I am feeling down I like to do a few things in order to boost my mood. I wanted to know how to be happy or more happen when I felt down. It feels nice to be happy. Maybe you might find it helpful too.

These are some ideas for how to be happy:

Idea #1 A Comfortable Outfit on the Day You Need it Most. Speaks for itself, if you aren’t comfortable then you are already more likely to be in an unpleasant mood.

Idea #2 Listening to Your Favourite Music. My medium of choice is vinyl, it always makes me want to dance along.

Idea #3 Plants Indoors. Looking after another life besides your own is motivation in itself. It also adds to the quality of air in your home.

Idea #4 Cuddle Your Pet. I am never without a dog, and they make the absolute best cuddlers. I always recommend a pet, but if dogs are too much responsibility then cats make a great alternative.

Idea #5 Go for a Hike. Getting outside to clear your head can be a game changer.

Idea #6 Lay on the grass and watch the clouds. Staring up at the sky and trying to find shapes is a way to bring back youthful joy.

Idea #7 Car Rides Don’t Just Put Dogs in a Good Mood. A fall afternoon drive can make you feel like nothing could go wrong. Summer drives with the windows down blowing your hair in the breeze. It’s an amazing feeling. If dogs can figure out how to be happy with such a simple thing maybe you can too.

Idea #8 Listen to the Rain. When you can hear it hitting off the roof all other sounds disappear as you float into relaxation.

Idea #9 Go Out and Play in the Snow. If it’s packy then you better build a fort. Who cares if it’s childish, you and I both know it’s a blast.

Idea #10 Have a Bonfire. Invite some friends over and roast some marshmallows. It is a memory maker.

Idea #11 Have a Marathon of Your Favourite Movies. Invites some friends, your partner, or by yourself. An old childhood classic is my usual choice.

Idea #12 Light Some Candles. Watch them flicker. The warmth they bring to a room is inviting and some scents can have a soothing effect, such as lavender.

Idea #13 Play Some Video Games. I tend to go for lighter games, something that I played when I was young.

Idea #14 Make a Private Comfy Corner. Stack a bunch of fluffy pillows and plush blankets and just get cozy. Smaller spaces can have a peaceful effect.

Idea #15 Drink Plenty of Water. Drinking lots of water always makes me feel fresh and awake. Try leaving a glass next to your bed to drink when you wake up. Besides, it’s so good for you.

Idea #16 Take Pictures. Take them of anything. The scenery, yourself, those you care about. Everything can look beautiful if you find the right angle.

Idea #17 Write Something Down. That new story idea you thought of. How your day went. Create a bucket list.

Idea #18 Blow Some Bubbles. Self-explanatory.

Idea #19 Tidy Your Room. Creating a refreshing environment requires that you put in some extra effort beforehand, but the results can be really helpful. Sometimes the act of tidying itself can put you in a better mood.

Idea #20 Go Somewhere You Can be Alone. Sometimes you just need space to breathe when you are feeling down.

Idea #21 Grab a Blanket and Snuggle Up. In bed, on the couch. With your partner, pet, or no one at all.

Idea #22 Breathe In. Breathe Out. Deep breathing exercises have a way of relaxing you. Maybe ever try some yoga.

Idea #23 Watch Fish. A tank at home can help. But, my favourite is going to an aquarium and watching the sea life.

Idea #24 Solve a Puzzle. I feel way more triumphant than I should admit when it comes to solving a puzzle, even if it’s not that difficult.

Idea #25 Go for a Swim. It can be in the ocean, a lake, a pool, or even sitting in a hot tub. My personal choice is salt water pools.

Idea #27 Take a Special Bath. Whatever makes it special for you. Put in your favourite bubble bath, light some candles, and watch a movie in the warm frothy water.

Idea #28 Doodle. Doodle big or doodle small. It can be little stars or flowers in the corner of a page or a full on masterpiece. Colour in a colouring book. I prefer digital art.

Idea #29 Go for a Run. I prefer going out on a trail, but a treadmill works just fine. It helps to release some steam.

Idea #30 Read a Book. It can be something new, or an old favourite. You can even read a book out loud for someone else. If you don’t have time, some people like audio books.

Idea #31 Bake Something. 20 minutes for basic cookies, or hours for an extravagant dessert. I like make salted caramel cheesecake, and always lick the spoon.

Idea #32 Be One with Nature. If you can get outside then open up your windows. But don’t forget to take some time every now and them to really enjoy the world in which we live.

Idea # 33 Call Someone. Texting is easy, but actually talking to someone has emotional benefits. A friend, your parents, your partner. Anyone you wish to talk with. Hearing someone happy can make you happy too.

Idea #34 Look up Quotes. Sometimes you just need to find the perfect arrangement of words to motivate you.

Idea #35 Smile. When you don’t want to smile you still should because you can actually make you feel happier. It releases endorphins that trick yourself into thinking you’re happy.

Idea #36 Visit a Museum. It can be any kind, art or history. It all depends on your tastes. I like both, but art usually cheers me up better.

Idea #37 Eat a Healthy Snack. When you are in a bad mood, people tend to eat junk food, it’s fine as a treat, however, you really shouldn’t when you are already in a bad mood.healthy snacks can add a feeling of freshness to your day.

Idea #38 Sleep. When it all comes down to it sometimes you just have to sleep the day away. It shouldn’t become a habit, but we all have those days when we just need to lay in bed all warm and cozy.

Hopefully, these ideas help you in your search on how to be happy.