Essay Writing Tips.

I hate writing an essay with a burning fiery passion. I’m not great at articulating my words in an academic manner. The vocabulary simply does not come to me naturally. I like speaking casual and writing the way I speak. To try and construct an argument leaving opinion out and only keeping facts in seems boring. So I thought it might be helpful to share some essay writing tips with you.

I have one tip that I find helps me when I write essays. I write down absolutely everything I know about the topic and have it beside me before I start. When I begin I write the sassiest introduction you have ever seen. This gets changed later, but I find it really helps me get into the mood of writing.

I do my research before hand and in smaller sections, but when it comes to the essay itself I like to sit down during a single solid chunk of time. Keep in mind the essays I am working on end up being only about a dozen pages long, which is considered small in later university years. I don’t know if it works for me exclusively, but who knows.

Essay writing tips:

Tip #1 Pick Your Topic Not Your Thesis. Narrow down the topic you want to write about and research the heck out of it, but do not go in with a final result and piece everything that way, instead put your argument together with facts then choose a thesis it supports.

Tip #2 Write Everything Down. If you see a piece of information relevant write down where and when you found it because going back to find a source is a pain in the butt.

Tip #3 Make an Outline. My favourite TA preached about outlines. I love them. If you need 10 pages, it is approximately 10-15 paragraphs. look at the research you have done and assign specific information to that paragraph. And it can always be more than one.

Tip #4 Use a Variety of Sources. I know that online sources are so easy to find, but it hurts your grade if you don’t use a variety. Schools love hard copies of books and peer-reviewed journals.

Tip #5 Use Your Resources. If your school offers academic advising, use it. Does your mom have the ability to look it over for spelling mistakes, use her. If your friend loves History, and you are writing a History essay, ask them to read it.

Bonus Tip: Write a super sassy intro before you write to get excited about arguing or explaining it. Just don’t forget to go back and change it when you are done.

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