Curing Your Black Thumb.

I have a massive love for plants. It is probably overwhelming the amount of plants I have in my home. They are always happy and healthy, however, the same can not be said for some members of my family. You know someone with a brown thumb, but we are talking black thumb, kill on contact, sad plant creators. I, as a lover of plants, find it easy to watch and care for them, but they love plants even more to the extreme. I have determined they must be cursed. It is the only possible solution.

Here are my tips for helping:

Tip #1 Don’t Buy Plants. This is for those who no matter what just can’t find the time or willpower. If you want some greenery buy face plants. Fake flowers for vases and fake trees for corners. Just avoid them.

Tip #2 Easy Plants. If you kill plants because you forget to water them succulents and cacti are your new best friends. They require little water and not often.

Tip #3 Fresh Cut Flowers. Can’t even remember that, only get plants that will eventually die and look great while doing it.

Tip #4 Location. Only put the plants where you will see them. If you walk by them every day then you can see when they need to be watered or start to look unhappy.

Tip #5 Quantity. Start off slow. Only get a few, then when you are successful only get a few more. Do not start by overwhelming yourself.

Bonus Tip: Set an alarm for when to water your plant or mark it on a calendar.

Hopefully, this helps cure your black thumb. Do you have any tips?