Why Birthdays Are Important, A Thank You.

Why Birthdays Are Important A Thank You A Thank You For Everyone On A Very Special Birthday

Today is my birthday and it is an important day for me. Not to mention that it is a big birthday. I had my closest friends and family spend the day with me. I invited my family to dinner and then my friends for a party. I will be honest that I don’t particularly care for the gifts. While I truly appreciate them, as I get older I care more about spending time together and reflecting on the past.

I look back on good and less fortunate times all the same. I reflect in order to be able to be grateful. My family is healthy, and my friends are fantastic. In spending a day dwelling in the happiness in opens this new year of life with a fresh feeling.

On that note, I would like to thank anyone who has ever read my posts, liked my photos, mentioned my content, smiled at something I said or did. And I would like to thank those who don’t like my content for at least giving me the opportunity. I appreciate that. I am thankful for brands like Covergirl for taking the time of day to send tiny creators like myself their products that they worked so hard on, and Subway for acknowledging how many subs I eat. And for my family and friends who support me. I am thankful for the oppotunities I have and for the people they are with.

So thank you.

Brutally Honest First Month Blogging Tell All.

Brutally Honest First Month Blogging Tell All This Is How Your First Month Blogging Will Really Go

At the very beginning of July, 2017 I started my blog. I was overwhelmed, to say the least. If you want to start a blog here is a realistic outlook for the first month blogging. I want to be completely transparent when it comes to running a blog because it can be difficult to trust the numbers other people are telling you. I have seen posts about earning thousands of dollars a month and getting hundreds of thousands of views, but that isn’t my experience. And I strongly doubt that is the same for many first time bloggers. If you are like me and want to know what a real first month looks like at a glance, then please continue reading. Here is everything that I have done so far.

My goals for the first month were as follows:

  • Get my Blog Self-Hosted. Mission accomplished. CToSeas.com is officially mine. I signed up with Bluehost and got a 36-month contract, so I will continue to put in the effort for the long-run. This was the key for me to put everything else in place and was my absolute first goal. It costs more money, so if you aren’t sure you can have shorter contracts. Or choose to not be self-hosted.
  • Apply for Google Adsense. Technically I did succeed in this goal. However, I have not heard back as of writing this so I don’t have ads on my website yet. What you might not know is that it takes more than just having a website to get Google Adsense. You need enough content on your website to justify them accepting you, as well as having that content desirable for ads to want to run on it. Do not think that you can depend on this immediately after starting. It can also be a long process.
  • Get my First Viewer. More specifically I wanted it to be a viewer that was not my mom. Another goal down. Through social media, strangers have been able to find my very new website and read my posts. Some have even returned to my website, which I am very thankful for.
  • Post at Least Once a Week. Done. I would have loved to post more but man oh man does life get in the way. Thanks life. I plan to post more often in the future but having a full-time job, and school to keep up with it is more difficult than I would like to admit.


As well as accomplishing goals, I have personalized my website’s theme. Uploaded all of my images to Pinterest, which I would highly recommend you do too. Even if it isn’t a steady stream of viewers for me it is still another way to be found. I have had a few pageviews from this although I would like to work towards getting more. I went through all of my posts with Yoast SEO and updated them in hopes that I could be found organically more than before. Also, I have many blog posts or ideas written in my draft category for the future, so I have more than actually meets the eye. I also successfully applied to Amazon Associates.


These are all positives. But what about the negatives. And I promise there are bound to be some negatives for your first month blogging. I was rejected from Google Adsense because I forgot to actually launch my website before submitting it. Big oops. So now back to the waiting game. This means my website has sat here unmonetized, and unable to make money on views alone. I am still unfamiliar with Amazon Associates so my links were broken, again a silly mistake.


Here are the statistics of my social media accounts and my blog itself. I know that the first month blogging is a slow one, but it can have some progress, I promise. I personally did not focus on Twitter at all, so no surprises there, but I was trying to work on Pinterest and Instagram.

Instagram: July 1 – 335 Followers. August 1 – 343 Followers.

Twitter: July 1 – 0 Followers. August 1 – 0 Followers.

Pinterest: July 1 – 7 Followers. August 1 – 9 Followers.

Pageviews: July 1 – 0 Views. August 1 – 100 Views

Users: July 1 – 0 Users. August 1 – 33 Users.


Google Adsense: $0.00

Amazon Associates: $0.00 While I have had some people click the links to the products I mention in my posts no one has bought anything, which I would have expected.

I didn’t expect any different for my first month blogging, but it is always nice to make a little.

Next Months Goals:

  • Write at least one blog post a week. This has been a goal of mine every week since I started writing in January.  As always I will create my own featured images for the post, and use SEO to try and optimize it.
  • Post on Twitter at least once a week. This is completely new to me, but I can hopefully commit myself to doing the bare minimum of once.
  • Post on Instagram at least once a week. I don’t usually post once a week, but in order to grow a following, it is necessary to be consistent. Also, I want to follow similar profiles.
  • Gain more pageviews. I would like to grow my blog, so doing these steps will hopefully grow my pageview count.

Another thing I would like, however, have no control over is hearing back from Google Adsense, which is completely out of my control, but if there is an issue the sooner I know about it the better, and if not the sooner I can start monetizing the better.

So there you have it. A brutally honest tell all of my first month blogging experience. If you have any questions please feel free to comment down below or send me a message on my contact me page.

Importance of Preserving Family History

Importance of Preserving Family History The Search For The History Behind My Name Begins

I have often wonder what my exact heritage is. Where does my name come from. All I truly know is what my family has told me, which after generations can be altered memories or even forgotten. I am not certain of all the places my family is from, or how far back my ancestry goes, but it is one of those things I would like to know. I also think it would be fascinating to know what diseases I am likely to encounter as I age.

As far as I am aware my family is descended from Europe specifically in Ireland and Scottland. But I am unaware of written history confirming this. In order to prevent the loss of history further, it could be very important to write down you family history.

Here is how I propose you start:

Tip #1 Personal History. Write down when and where you were born. Where you have moved to, who your parents are. Record information you would consider important when looking up your ancestors.

Tip #2 Parent History. Ask you parents for the same information you have recorded about yourself, and if they can tell you for certain, information about their parents too.

Tip #3 Spouse and Children History. Record the same for your spouse as you have. When events happen with your children write it all down.

Tip #4 Cumulate Information. If you do this, and then recommend your siblings to do so, and your cousins, and your aunts and uncles, eventually you will end up with a large detailed family tree. This way those in the future can more easily find what you are struggling to find now. So your name doesn’t get lost.

Because of this, I am considering taking a DNA test such an AncestryDNA or 23AndMe. I will be sure to update if and when I do. I would love to know if anyone has done either and would recommend it.

How to Compliment.

How To Compliment Mistakes You Might Be Making When Giving Compliments

A Back-handed compliment is one of my least favourite things that people do. Saying “You look really nice” is a great thing to say to someone. “You actually look nice today” is a huge jerk move. Don’t do that. You are just a bitter human being if you need to tear someone down and make them thank you while doing it. You are so not a decent person if you do it intentionally, and if it is accidental, please correct yourself. But please, don’t be that person. I am all about loving yourself and others. The world would be a much better place if we felt comfortable openly sharing our positive feelings.

In high school, it was very common for the “popular” students to speak in back-handed compliments. Upon noticing this trend I spoke to my friends informing them of this behaviour. Some were shocked that they participated in sly wordplay. Others were well aware of it but didn’t realize the impact that it could have. This is me asking for those too afraid to. I know it is a common phrase “think before you speak” but I don’t think individuals put much thought before what they believe is a nice thing to say.

Here are ways to compliment someone better:

Tip #1 Don’t Specifically Exclude. If you are telling someone you like their outfit, don’t say “today” it makes it seem more like you dislike their outfit every other day. That turns it into an insult.

Tip #2 Smile. If you aren’t seemingly genuine it could seem like more of a sarcastic statement than a compliment. This creates the opposite emotion you are trying to create.

Tip #3 Compliments Aren’t Currency. There is not a limited number of compliments you can give. If you like something, tell someone. And do not be shy about it. If you see a painting someone painted tell everyone you loved it, appreciation is always welcome.


First Impressions.

First Impressions The Very First Blog Post I Ever Made

Hey, welcome to my blog. This might be your first impressions of me since this is my first post. So, allow me to introduce myself.

An Introduction:

First impressions are hard. But, this may or may not mark the start of something new. I am going to try and post on this blog every Saturday to start. Starting the first week of January, and hopefully until a long time from now. My schedule may increase but for now, once a week on my blog. There is not a plan for me becoming a full-time blogger, as far as my future view is concerned, but I am open to blogging a lot more often.

I am Cee. I am 19 years old. Or, as my mom would say, years young. I am currently a university student and work during my summers, as well as hopefully blogging. I live in Ontario, Canada. More specifically a very small town, a farming community, and I have to travel for school. I have lived here my entire life and don’t plan on moving anytime soon because my world revolves around this place. Sure I have traveled to other countries from time to time, but never for long. My plans are to one day become a school counselor and or teacher.

Sure I have traveled to other countries from time to time, but never for long. The top of my list is Europe, specifically Ireland and Scotland. These are the countries my ancestors are from and they look absolutely gorgeous. They fit my favourite weather from what I hear. I love rainy days above all. The sound of raindrops hitting the roof, pitter patters on the Earth. The sky is blue-grey which is my favourite colour by far. My plans are to one day become a school counselor and or teacher.

As far as more distant future is concerned. My plans are to one day become a school counselor and or teacher. Building a home on a farm, with the love of my life and as many dogs as he will let me have, plus one more for good measure. I currently have an Australian Shepard, and he is my whole world. Going away breaks my heart when I can’t bring him with me.

I have a love for learning and sharing what I learn so I thought a blog would be a good idea. When I think of, or come across tips and tricks others may find helpful I want to let others know. Since I’m in university I have developed a few strategies, as well as just everyday advice.

I hope I make good first impressions, but my future content is what will really show who I am. And I would love to know more about you.