Must Have Wardrobe: An 80 Piece Closet

Must Have Wardrobe AN 80 Piece Closet Minimize Your Distractions With A Minimalist Wardrobe

When I was younger I honestly had way too many clothes. It was impossible to keep up with putting it away, so my room was a disaster. It was difficult to choose what to wear because of the overwhelming quantity. When I graduated high school I decided enough was enough. I sat down over the course of almost a year and added to a list of must haves as seasons changed. So I have a list for myself of a must have wardrobe. This is that list currently:

Outerwear: (9)

  • 1 Winter Coat. I prefer a military style parka with faux fur trim. It goes with the majority of outfits and is not the common colour choice of black while still remaining neutral.
  • 1 Rain Coat. I gravitate towards the traditional yellow due to the youthful vibe, of a chic transparent option.
  • 1 Lightweight Fall Jacket. Noticing a pattern, I again went for a military jacket style.
  • 4 Fashion Jackets:
    • 1 Biker Jacket. A faux leather biker jacket adds some much-needed edge to my feminine appearance and is incredibly versatile.
    • 1 Denim Jacket. I prefer a slightly oversized and slightly distressed look in a medium wash because I usually wear dark wash jeans.
    • 1 Bomber Jacket. I didn’t realise how amazing bomber jackets were until they became a trend. The satiny finish in a lightweight fabric is easily fashionable and comfortable stylish.
    • 1 Personality Jacket. Everyone needs a unique jacket catered to their personal style. I went for a grey suede biker jacket because the cut is edgy yet the fabric remains feminine.1
  • Trench Coat. An absolute fall staple. Also, can add a classy and mysterious look to an everyday outfit, and a romantic look when paired with a dress.
  • 1 Windbreaker. Practical pieces can still be a cohesive part of your wardrobe. I choose a burgundy colour to add some variety to my colour scheme.


Layers: (17)

  • 1 Black Blazer. I don’t like buttons on blazers because I weigh more towards a casual look. I wear it with jeans and a tee all the time.
  • 1 Personality Blazer. This can be any colour or pattern. I choose a very feminine cream coloured blazer with 3/4 sleeves and again no buttons.
  • 2 Cardigans:
    • 1 Neutral Cardigan. I opted for a white oversized cardigan. It is a light knit so it is still comfortable in the summer.
    • 1 Personality Cardigan. A chunky blue knit cardigan it perfect for layering in the fall and winter.
  • 4 Pullovers:
    • 1 Striped Crewneck. A classic item in every wardrobe.
    • 1 Chunky Knit. I went for an oversized beige pullover to add warmer tones to my wardrobe.
    • 1 Neutral Crewneck. I went with grey because it is my favourite neutral.
    • 1 Personality Pullover. I choose a crewneck from my university to show off personality.
  • 3 Sweaters:
    • 1 Flowy Sweater. A light flowy sweater is perfect for summer mornings when it isn’t quite hot out, or to pair with a dress.
    • 1 Neural Sweater. I chose a heathered colour to add pattern to a basic piece.
    • 1 Long Sweater. Some days you just want your butt covered, whether you are wearing showy pants, or are afraid of leaking, it is a much-appreciated addition.
  • 6 Camis:
    • 1 Black Cami. Straight forward.
    • 1 White Cami. Easy for layering.
    • 4 Miscellaneous Neutral Camis. I choose grey, dusty rose, maroon and navy.


Tops: (26)

  • 4 Button-Ups:
    • 1 White Button-Up. Very professional looking. I have it for presentations.
    • 1 Patterned Button-Up. I spill food constantly so a dark colour was best. Navy with small white polka dots is a youthful pattern without being too childish.
    • 1 Neutral Button-Up. I chose a military style. Again.
    • 1 Denim Button-Up. I prefer a light wash since I tend to wear dark wash jeans.
  • 16 Sleeveless or Short-Sleeve:
    • 1 White Tee. Goes with absolutely everything.
    • 1 Black Tee. Again a great basic.
    • 1 Striped Tee. I like the less harsh grey and white combination.
    • 4 Neutral Tees. I like to add a variety of colour with neutral tees.
    • 4 Personality Tees. I like a lot of options with tops because it is a great way to add a hint of you to your wardrobe.
    • 4 Band Tees. These are a staple in my closet. I love them. If you don’t like them go for graphic tees instead.
    • 1 Graphic Tee. I say go for something silly that makes you laugh or smile. I like the NASA graphic tee.
  • 3 Long-Sleeve:
    • 1 Long Length Top. Again helpful for the booty-conscious days.
    • 2 Neutral Tops. Useful for layering in the colder months.
  • 3 Evening Tops:
    • 1 White Top. Versatile and classic.
    • 1 Metallic Top. Perfect for the holiday season.
    • 1 Neutral Top. Pairs with anything and can be worn on casual days for a more professional appearancee.

Bottoms: (18)

  • 6 Pairs of Jeans:
    • 1 Very Dark Wash. In business casual workplaces very dark wash jeans are my go-to.
    • 1 Black Wash. A must. Especially when paired with white tops.
    • 1 Distressed Jean. The ultimate casual pant.
    • 3 Neutral Jeans. I play with different washes or rises.
  • 1 Casual Pant. Any colour, cut, or pattern, add some personality. I like military style pants.
  • 3 Dress Bottoms:
    • 1 Black Chinos. I wear these as dress pants.
    • 1 Navy Chinos. Can easily be dressed up for work.
    • 1 Khaki Chinos. Can be casual or business.
  • 4 Skirts.
    • 1 Basic Black Skirt. Can be dressed up for formal occasions.
    • 1 Detailed Black Skirt. A casual and flirty basic.
    • 1 Plaid Skirt. Perfect for fall.
    • 1 Neutral Skirt. Could be khaki, denim, leather.
  • 4 Shorts.
    • 2 Jean Shorts. One medium and one dark wash.
    • 1 Black Pair. Adds options without fear of getting dirty or stained.
    • 1 Khaki Pair. A work-appropriate colour but can be dressed down.

Dresses: (10)

    • 3 Long-Sleeve:
      • 1 Lace Dress. A classic piece.
      • 1 Black Dress. A casual choice is a peter pan collar.
      • 1 Personality Dress. I like to colour here.
    • 5 Short-Sleeve or Sleeveless:
      • 1 Floral Dress. A summer staple.
      • 1 T-Shirt Dress. So casual and so cute.
      • 1 Demin Dress. Surprisingly adorable. And I have a thing for denim.
      • 2 Personality Dresses. Add colour, pattern, and style.
    • 2 Party Dresses:
      • 1 Little Black Dress. So obvious.
      • 1 Sequin Dress. Perfect for holiday parties.

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Must Have Shoes.

Must Have Shoes A Minimalist Guide To All The Shoes You Need

Ladies, you understand the reputation for women to have too many shoes but let’s get real. It is nice to have a variety. I have myself a list of must have shoes I would like to have. If you haven’t seen my clothing guide check out “Must Have Wardrobe: An 80 Piece Closet“.

This is my list of must have shoes:

  • 1 Snow Boots. A pair of practical black snow boots velcro for sure, perfect for that Canadian winter. Snowmobiling, snow fort building, heavy duty outdoor activities. The warmest boots in the world. Winter walking boots. Totally different from snow boots. Lightweight yet warm boots practical for walking around. I am still currently a student, and walking across campus then spending hours in clunky boots is not desirable.
  • 1 Winter Walking Boots. Probably tan with laces, or zippers on the inside but looks laced. Totally different from snow boots. Lightweight yet warm boots practical for walking around. I am still currently a student, and walking across campus then spending hours in clunky boots is not desirable.
  • 1 Rain Boots. I live on a farm, and muck is everywhere. Therefore, I need some knee high, black rain boots for those muddy, messy days. I need another practical pair of shoes for yet another weather environment.
  • 1 Fall Boots. I am going to put my cowboy boots here. Not necessary for everyone, however, to ride horses, which I do, it is important to have a heeled boot. Plus they look pretty nice with a fall outfit if kept clean.
  • 1 Active Runners. I have the best running shoes that I have ever owned. Nike, dark grey, gold check mark. I love them. I am not the most active, but I love to work out on the treadmill. An occasional trip to the gym, but I never seem to have the time. Again I think it is something you should have.
  • 1 Street Runners. I have a pair of Converse for when I want to wear sneakers that are not chunky but give me the same coverage and some support. Personal I don’t think it is a necessary shoe item, but I have them anyway.
  • 1 Casual Walking Flats. I have two on my list. Probably don’t need two pairs, but whatever. I live in my burgundy Toms during the summer. It is my all time favourite pair. But I’m a bit quirky so my mom a few years ago got me some bowling shoes from a thrift store. I can not get rid of them, it is my most unique clothing item despite the fact that I don’t need them.
  • 1 Dressy Flats. Black round toed ballet flats. I have very narrow feet, so point toes are a complete no go. If you have a formal occasion in which heels seem over the top or inappropriate flats are perfect. I also thing flats go best with summer dresses.
  • 1 Walking Sandals. I have a pair of Birkenstocks, they are not prettiest sandals. But the arch support is what I was looking for. A bit clunky again, for my taste, but I like sandals for an option.
  • 2 Heels. If you hate them then cross them off the list, but I like to have two pairs. One in black, one in nude. Both very classy, but goes with a wider variety of outfits. Black is a fall/winter feel, but nude keeps it light and bright for spring/summer. One can easily be used for both, but it’s my taste.
  • 1 Party Heels. A strappy black pair, or if you are less casual even glitter. Even thigh highs. New Years is the vibe. Or a club if that is more your style. But I love to go a little less classy in these environments.
  • 1 Flip Flops. The easiest to slip on, and usually super cheap. Take to the beach or camping. Even bring them for the gym showers. It is not a splurge by far.
  • 1 Slippers. My house is entirely floored with hardwood, tile in the laundry and washrooms upstairs, and the basement is a heated concrete. Some extra support and comfort is a must. I like using moccasins as slippers, but I only get them from reservations. I like supporting my community that way.
  • 1 Casual Boots. I love combat boots. Not the military grade ones, the more casual interpretation of them. They are heavy duty enough for everyday use without me needing to be concerned for wear and tear.

Is there anything on your must have shoes list I missed?

How to Declutter Your Closet.

How To Declutter Your Closet How To Clean Out Your Closet Like A Pro

I am super messy, like ridiculously messy. I have absolutely no problem admitting it, just like if I were neat by nature. Over the past few years, the messy state of being I was existing in finally found some order. I wanted to know what you should do and how to declutter your closet.

One day I woke up with a fresh perspective and motivation to get stuff done. I started with what felt like my most daunting task, my closet. It’s not that I had a lot of clothes, but that I had no way to properly organize it. Off I went to Ikea. I got an Algot system that I planned online, so I knew exactly what I wanted to get.

After that was installed I started by going through every single item of clothing I owned. I did not dare put anything away until I decided I wanted to keep it. Once I knew everything I was keeping it made it very easy to put everything into its new place. Now I have a specific location for everything and know exactly where it goes, so it is an absolute breeze to put my clothes away now because there in no feeling of being overwhelmed.

When it came to sorting through my clothes it was pretty easy, I don’t hold a lot of attachment to most items. I kept a small box full of sentimental items, but other than that everything else was donated.

Questions for how to declutter your closet:

Question #1 Do I like it? Because if you don’t there is no point in keeping it, even if it was a gift.

Question #2 Do I actually wear it? If you are not going to wear it then it’s just taking up space you could use for things you will wear.

Question #3 Does it fit? If it does not fit right then you won’t feel good wearing it.

Question #4 Does it need to be repaired? And if so, will I actually repair it? I am super unlikely to actually repair something myself, so I don’t need to keep items that I’m never going to fix.

Question #5 Do I already have something like it? You don’t need 10 plain black tees. You won’t wear them all enough for it to be worth it.

After I sorted through everything I decided to donate all of the good pieces I wasn’t going to keep.

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Band Tee Rules.

Band Tee Rules A Guide To Band Tees At A Concert

On the day this publishes I am currently on my way to Toronto to attend a concert. I am driving a couple hours away from my tiny hometown to go to the big city with the love of my life to enjoy a weekend of adventure. We decided to splurge on a really nice hotel right by the concert hall. Hopefully, all goes exactly as expected and it is the weekend of my dreams. Updates next weekend, I promise. And you better bet your butt I am getting a band tee for at the show. I borrow my boyfriends all the time because they are so comfy and let’s be honest a band tee rules.

Let’s talk about band tee rules or etiquette. Not my rules, but apparently they exist.

Rule #1 Don’t wear the concert tour tee for the performance you are currently attending. I don’t know why, but it’s a rule. Also don’t wear it the next day either. But two days later is fine. I get it in the idea of not wearing it because it’s all you will be talking about anyway.

Rule #2 Don’t wear another band’s tee to a concert. It is probably a courtesy.

Rule #3 Exception to the previous. You can wear a band tee for one of the opening bands. Shows support.

Rule #4. Another exception. If is is a music festival it is also allowed.

Updated: “How to Book A Hotel Online“.

How to Find a Sense of Style.

How To Find A Sense Of Style How To Use Pinterest To Develop Your Own Style

I had absolutely no sense of style. So I wanted to know how to find a sense of style. Okay no, but I had absolutely no idea what my sense of style was. There are multiple ways to try and determine what your style is, but I found only one that truly worked for me. Online quizzes about your ‘personality type’, cutting out pictures from magazines, picking out what items you like most and finding a theme. None of these worked for me in the slightest. I’m a bohemian girly hipster, what? Then I decided I would give Pinterest a try.

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-8-34-13-pmI created a board and looked up women’s fashion, or home decor. I collected groups of outfits, hairstyles, fluffy pillows, anything that I liked.  Later I would, after collecting a lot of different images go through them and removed the ones I reconsidered. I’d think about why I liked them. The theme became very obvious after time. I like neutral colours, limited patterns and often a cool tone colour palette.  I ended up learning a lot about myself, and maybe it could work for someone else.

My Recommendations:

Tip #1 Join Pinterest. If you are going to create a board you need to make an account first. It is super straight forward. If you don’t like getting emails you can easily unsubscribe from them.

Tip #2 Use Your Closet. Look at the pieces that you already have in your closet to start if you are overwhelmed. I love my jeans, dark wash high waisted skinny jeans. I searched it up and would save to a board all the outfits I loved. From there you can see similar images related to it.

Tip #3 Use Your Friends. This has a double meaning. You can follow your friends and draw inspiration from them. And, you can also see what outfits you like that they have worn and save similar photos.

I hope this helps for how to find a sense of style.