Why Youtubers Do Vlogmas.

Why Youtubers Do Vlogmas - Why Do Your Favourite Creators Do VLogmas

This may not be relevant to all Youtube creators but it could be relevant to the ones you watch. Some Youtubers, in fact quite a few, how do not post content all too frequently may find themselves participating in the month-long video making event that is Vlogmas. The creators tend to vlog or upload videos daily from December 1 until December 25. Then they take a break once the holidays start until whenever they return in January. So I will try and simplify why Youtubers do Vlogmas.

Why YouTubers Do Vlogmas.

Why do so many people create so many videos this time of year? They do it because the Youtube ad revenue is typically very high during December. They can create a lot of content that forces people to return daily, usually with giveaways that you have to watch the video to find out about. And they tell you one is coming ahead of time to get people interested because viewers love free stuff.

They why stop for January. After the December holidays revenue plummets. There is often a negative spike in the amount of money their videos make during this time. This also happens during the summer. Students are off school so their free time increases. They spend more time watching videos, and advertisers know this. They also know that people make resolutions to spend less time online, or to be more active and away from electronics.

This is purely business strategy. These creators are trying to make a living from these videos, so they want their energy to be used in the most effective way that they can.

Have any of your favourite YouTubers done this?

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Multiple Outfits Equation.

Multiple Outfits Equation How Every Blogger Can Make A Month Of Outfits

I’m sure you’ve seen posts about taking thirteen clothing items and somehow it turns into 30 outfits. It’s not a series of creative people coming up with new and creative combinations. On the contrary, they follow a simple formula. You could easily replicate these capsule wardrobe ideas for your own. Here is how they make multiple outfits.

All it requires is:

  • One Tee.
  • One Pullover Sweater.
  • One Button Up Shirt.
  • One Plaid Shirt.
  • One Jacket.
  • One Dress.
  • Two Skirts.
  • Two Pairs of Pants.
  • Two Pairs of Shoes.
  • One Accessory.

With these pieces, it is easy to make many outfits.

It goes something like this:

Tee paired with each of the bottoms. This makes four outfits. Then the same for each top. So now it is 16 outfits created. You then have the option of adding or not adding the jacket, so 32 outfits are available. Once you integrate the two shoe options it doubles again to 64 choices. The dress can also be worn by itself, with a top over it, as a top itself, and these options have two shoe choices so the dress itself provides 40 options. Then every single outfit can be paired with an accessory. So in total, there are 208 total options for 13 items. None of these outfits are extremely different from one another, but you can get almost 2/3 of a year without repeating an outfit once.

It can be done with an endless combination of pieces. However, those that do it well take the time to show their audience a well thought out combination of choices. They choose patterns and colours that pair well in order to create a cohesive outfit without being too uninteresting at the same time.

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How to Get Free Products.

How To Get Free Products How Covergirl Sent Brand New Makeup Absolutely Free

Everyone loves getting good things for free. Especially products they wanted to try in the first place. I found a website called Infuenster. You get free products in exchange for reviews. Not even over the top in depth reviews. There is a minimum word count, but the site itself prompts you with questions to easily fill what is maybe 100 words. I discovered this site when individuals on social medias mentioned receiving packages.

What you need to do:

It is so easy. All you have to do is go on to their website and enter an email and password. From there, you answer a few questions about yourself, such as skin, eye, hair colour for tailored beauty products. Or your skin concerns for skincare. They even ask if you own any pets because some of the products are catered to them.

Then you add your social media profiles so they know what your reach is. If you have 500 friends on Facebook and 250 Instagram followers, and 7 people on Pinterest it begins to add up. The company then sends you a package in the mail of free products. Once you receive it you can start the campaign.

The campaign involves writing reviews on the products you received and sometimes posting about it on social medias. The most important thing you need to do is disclose that these products we received complimentary, or free. This is absolutely necessary for their terms or service. Upon signing up you are also in an agreement that you will not sell these products upon being sent them.

What to do if you don’t like the product:

You answer “snaps” or short quizzes for the company to see if you are likely to be interested in the product and if you are suitable for it. Be sure to answer honestly in order to get the best results.

If you receive an item you don’t like write an honest review of why you didn’t like it. Maybe you were sent a foundation with an amazing formula but the colour was too orange. This doesn’t make it a bad product, just a poor colour match.

If you are not willing to put in the necessary effort to make a product you don’t like work for you, then you don’t have to keep it. You can’t sell it, but you don’t have to throw it away. You can easily donate unused products to those who can’t afford it. Makeup is what I often receive, so the unused part is crucial. But, you can absolutely give it to a friend or family member who would love it.

Covergirl Vitalist Vox Box Vitalist Elixir Foundation Melting Pout Lip Gel

Covergirl VoxBox:

This is the package I received for free from Influenster and Covergirl. It was called the #VitalistLife Box. It contained a COVERGIRL Vitalist Elixir Foundation* in 610 (Classic Ivory) and a COVERGIRL Melting Pout Gel Liquid Lipstick* in the shade 105 (Gel-Ful). I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Yes, free.

These are new products that the company has recently released and they sent them to me in exchange for reviews and promotion of the product through social media.

If you would like to know how to get free products, then Influenster is for you.

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Naturally Optimize Your Appearance.

Naturally Optimize Your Appearance How To Look And Feel Beautiful Naturally

Some days people doubt themselves or feel insecure, I have even though I hate to admit it. Some even feel this way more often than they don’t. I have listed a few ways to naturally optimize your appearance to help counteract those days.

Here are some tips:

Tip #1 Eyebrows. If your eyebrows are looking a little lackluster then I would recommend running a spoolie brush through them in order to give them the groomed look they crave. I somehow draw confidence from my eyebrows. They frame the face and are vital for expressing your emotions. I have bushy eyebrows that love to go wild, do hairspray is my friend. I spray a little onto the spoolie after I have my brows where I want them. In addition to this, you can also remove stray hairs to create a more sleek look.

Tip #2 Glowy Moisturizer. You can give yourself a dewy healthy glow with a moisturizer. You could even opt for a tinted moisturizer if you feel the need for coverage. My skin is dry as a bone. If I want to feel fresh and healthy one of the first things I reach for is my moisturizer. You can also take a more selective approach and only apply it to the areas you would like to highlight. This could be the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, above your brow, below your brow, and the center of your chin.

Tip #3 Nails. cuticle cream makes your nails super shiny and healthy. I feel like it makes my nails feel stronger when I have done this. Nail polish can be harsh for your nails but I like to look put together top to bottom. I file my nails to be squared at the tips. This allows my nails to be stronger because of the shape since I like to keep them long.

Tip #4 Lip balm. I do not have enough good things to say about lip balm. Not only will your lips feel amazing, but they will look fuller and very healthy. Lip balms can also add sheer colour for those seeking a rosy sheen. They usually come in a variety of scents so you have an endless number of options.

These are some of my tips for how to naturally optimize your appearance. Any suggestions?

How to Clean Your Room.

How to Clean Your Room How To Clean Your Room And Keep It Clean

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is your bedroom. It is important that this space is stress-free for you. A messy room can start your day poorly. An overwhelming feeling is often created when seeing a large project. So you should find a way for how to clean your room. Often people will ignore the problem to prevent dealing with it, which will make it worse.

Here are some tips on how to clean your room:

Tip #1 It All Starts with Clothes. Check out Closets Edition.

Tip #2 Trays. I have serving trays all over my house. It is the best for giving purpose to anything. Next to my bed on my nightstand. Which is actually a step stool. Weird I know.  But seriously I have my necklace given to me by my boy, my ring box, lavender oil. I just put stuff on it that I want to stay out, and bam. It now has a purpose.

Tip #3 Put it on the Wall. Do not hesitate to put your stuff on the wall if you can. Put up shelves to display your aesthetically pleasing items. We all have ugly stuff too, so put that junk in a basket. Have a guitar? Mount that bad boy on the wall. Storage and decoration.

Tip #4 Rugs. Weird I know. But put a rug on the wall and your room looks instantly more put together. Plus it is super cozy and I think it looks really pretty.

Tip #5 Keep it Simple. If you stick to a colour pallet or your furniture to a certain style your room will look less cluttered before you add anything to it in terms of accessories.

Curing Your Black Thumb.

Curing Your Black Thumb How To Get Rid Of Your Gardening Black Thumb

I have a massive love for plants. It is probably overwhelming the amount of plants I have in my home. They are always happy and healthy, however, the same can not be said for some members of my family. You know someone with a brown thumb, but we are talking black thumb, kill on contact, sad plant creators. I, as a lover of plants, find it easy to watch and care for them, but they love plants even more to the extreme. I have determined they must be cursed. It is the only possible solution.

Here are my tips for helping:

Tip #1 Don’t Buy Plants. This is for those who no matter what just can’t find the time or willpower. If you want some greenery buy face plants. Fake flowers for vases and fake trees for corners. Just avoid them.

Tip #2 Easy Plants. If you kill plants because you forget to water them succulents and cacti are your new best friends. They require little water and not often.

Tip #3 Fresh Cut Flowers. Can’t even remember that, only get plants that will eventually die and look great while doing it.

Tip #4 Location. Only put the plants where you will see them. If you walk by them every day then you can see when they need to be watered or start to look unhappy.

Tip #5 Quantity. Start off slow. Only get a few, then when you are successful only get a few more. Do not start by overwhelming yourself.

Bonus Tip: Set an alarm for when to water your plant or mark it on a calendar.

Hopefully, this helps cure your black thumb. Do you have any tips?

How to Sleep Better.

How To Sleep Better 5 Tips For A Better Sleep From An Insomniac

If you know nothing about insomnia just remember that it sucks. I have searched frantically for how to sleep better. It has been over 7 years now and let me tell you it is not easy. I only recently discovered that it is considered severe once it continues past a month. Woah. I’m 83 months past that. Boy. At first, it felt like a blessing, being able to stay up super late without the feeling of sleepiness. After a week it got old. After a month it got exhausting and after a few more it felt like a state of being. I don’t know why it started and neither do the medical professionals that helped me understand what me having insomnia means.

Basically, I don’t sleep, and when I do I don’t sleep well. There are various stages of sleep, and I do not enter deep sleep. That is when your body repairs itself and you feel well rested when you wake up. If I had to compare it to anything I guess it feels like being a zombie. Always dragging yourself around. There are good days of course but they are so few and far between that it never really changes anything. However, I am incredibly grateful that it is my biggest problem.

Here are some tips for how to sleep better:

Tip #1 Have a Comfortable Bed. I love my mattress. It is firm with about an inch of squish on t0p to make it feel like like I’m sleeping on a board. Investing in your mattress is really important. It can be the main cause of your poor sleep. I know they are expensive so I recommend waiting until the mattress you want is on sale. Usually, September Labour Day sales are the best time. While in be do not have any electronics or pets. These distractions prevent your bed from only being a place of sleep.

Tip #2 Drink Plenty of Water. Your brain is made up mostly of water. During your sleep, the brain goes through your memories, and if you are dehydrated it can affect its ability to do so. This can make you sleep poorly and feel exhausted throughout the day.

Tip #3 Eat Healthy. If you can’t eat healthy all the time, whether you have no time, or money, at least eat healthy before bed. If you feel like dirt you will likely sleep like dirt and eating healthy can help with this.

Tip #4 Exercise. If you lay in bed at night and can’t fall asleep it may be because you have too much energy. This can be prevented by exercising at least an hour before bed, to get the energy out, but not be unable to sleep since you are energised for a while after exercising.

Tip #5 Lavender Oil. I didn’t think that an essential oil could help me sleep when medicines could not. However, when I put a very small amount behind my ears and on my ankles, it created a scent that relaxes you.

Bonus Tip: White Noise. While I did not find that it helps me, my friends swear by white noise. Whether it is the sounds of the ocean or the audio of a non-exciting show it prevents you from getting lost in thoughts that could very easily be the reason you are not falling asleep.

Do you have any tips for how to sleep better?

Why Music is Important.

Why Music Is Important Integrating Music Into Your Life

This is my personal explanation of why music is important to me, and why it could be to you.

I have never really gotten into musical instruments for my entire life. In grade 5 we needed to go out and buy a recorder to play during ‘music’ class. I sucked, no one can make a $10 recorder sound good. Plus it was unusual to make a kid go out and buy an instrument for exclusively school purposes. Then in grade 6 I got a guitar and hated it. Not because I didn’t want to play guitar, I did. I have always had small soft hands and the strings absolutely shredded my fingers and it was too big to play comfortably, so good bye guitar. In grade 7 and 8 I played the saxophone, now that was neat. It was an alto so it wasn’t too big, however incredibly impractical for an everyday instrument.

I thought about why music is important. SO, finally a year ago I decided I would try once again. This time I bought a ukulele. It was somewhat inexpensive and I think it is straight up ugly but it sounds really good for the price. The only problem is staying tuned, which once I bought a tuner is a simple fix. I am absolutely awful at playing it, but I love it. The size is perfect, the sound matches my personality and the fact that it only has 4 strings is a life saver. It has taken me so many years to finally find an instrument I enjoy, and I would recommend to anyone that you try and find one for you. It can be very simple and cheap, but finding a creative release is priceless.

Finally a year ago I decided I would try once again. This time I bought a ukulele. It was somewhat inexpensive and I think it is straight up ugly but it sounds really good for the price. The only problem is staying tuned, which once I bought a tuner is a simple fix. I am absolutely awful at playing it, but I love it. The size is perfect, the sound matches my personality and the fact that it only has 4 strings is a life saver. It has taken me so many years to finally find an instrument I enjoy, and I would recommend to anyone that you try and find one for you. It can be very simple and cheap, but finding a creative release is priceless.

What you can do:

You don’t even need an instrument to create music. You can sing. I sound awful, let me tell you. But, I enjoy it. If not signing then listening. The benefits of music that I gain are an increase in creativity when listening and an increase in memorization. Also, music is a great, and free mood booster. I am instantly in a better mood upon listening. Playing the radio in the morning wakes me right up.

If you can, I would suggest finding an instrument, but if not, finding music elsewhere. Because this is why music is important.

How to Be Happy.

How To Be Happy Tips On How To Be A Happier Person

When I am feeling down I like to do a few things in order to boost my mood. I wanted to know how to be happy or more happen when I felt down. It feels nice to be happy. Maybe you might find it helpful too.

These are some ideas for how to be happy:

Idea #1 A Comfortable Outfit on the Day You Need it Most. Speaks for itself, if you aren’t comfortable then you are already more likely to be in an unpleasant mood.

Idea #2 Listening to Your Favourite Music. My medium of choice is vinyl, it always makes me want to dance along.

Idea #3 Plants Indoors. Looking after another life besides your own is motivation in itself. It also adds to the quality of air in your home.

Idea #4 Cuddle Your Pet. I am never without a dog, and they make the absolute best cuddlers. I always recommend a pet, but if dogs are too much responsibility then cats make a great alternative.

Idea #5 Go for a Hike. Getting outside to clear your head can be a game changer.

Idea #6 Lay on the grass and watch the clouds. Staring up at the sky and trying to find shapes is a way to bring back youthful joy.

Idea #7 Car Rides Don’t Just Put Dogs in a Good Mood. A fall afternoon drive can make you feel like nothing could go wrong. Summer drives with the windows down blowing your hair in the breeze. It’s an amazing feeling. If dogs can figure out how to be happy with such a simple thing maybe you can too.

Idea #8 Listen to the Rain. When you can hear it hitting off the roof all other sounds disappear as you float into relaxation.

Idea #9 Go Out and Play in the Snow. If it’s packy then you better build a fort. Who cares if it’s childish, you and I both know it’s a blast.

Idea #10 Have a Bonfire. Invite some friends over and roast some marshmallows. It is a memory maker.

Idea #11 Have a Marathon of Your Favourite Movies. Invites some friends, your partner, or by yourself. An old childhood classic is my usual choice.

Idea #12 Light Some Candles. Watch them flicker. The warmth they bring to a room is inviting and some scents can have a soothing effect, such as lavender.

Idea #13 Play Some Video Games. I tend to go for lighter games, something that I played when I was young.

Idea #14 Make a Private Comfy Corner. Stack a bunch of fluffy pillows and plush blankets and just get cozy. Smaller spaces can have a peaceful effect.

Idea #15 Drink Plenty of Water. Drinking lots of water always makes me feel fresh and awake. Try leaving a glass next to your bed to drink when you wake up. Besides, it’s so good for you.

Idea #16 Take Pictures. Take them of anything. The scenery, yourself, those you care about. Everything can look beautiful if you find the right angle.

Idea #17 Write Something Down. That new story idea you thought of. How your day went. Create a bucket list.

Idea #18 Blow Some Bubbles. Self-explanatory.

Idea #19 Tidy Your Room. Creating a refreshing environment requires that you put in some extra effort beforehand, but the results can be really helpful. Sometimes the act of tidying itself can put you in a better mood.

Idea #20 Go Somewhere You Can be Alone. Sometimes you just need space to breathe when you are feeling down.

Idea #21 Grab a Blanket and Snuggle Up. In bed, on the couch. With your partner, pet, or no one at all.

Idea #22 Breathe In. Breathe Out. Deep breathing exercises have a way of relaxing you. Maybe ever try some yoga.

Idea #23 Watch Fish. A tank at home can help. But, my favourite is going to an aquarium and watching the sea life.

Idea #24 Solve a Puzzle. I feel way more triumphant than I should admit when it comes to solving a puzzle, even if it’s not that difficult.

Idea #25 Go for a Swim. It can be in the ocean, a lake, a pool, or even sitting in a hot tub. My personal choice is salt water pools.

Idea #27 Take a Special Bath. Whatever makes it special for you. Put in your favourite bubble bath, light some candles, and watch a movie in the warm frothy water.

Idea #28 Doodle. Doodle big or doodle small. It can be little stars or flowers in the corner of a page or a full on masterpiece. Colour in a colouring book. I prefer digital art.

Idea #29 Go for a Run. I prefer going out on a trail, but a treadmill works just fine. It helps to release some steam.

Idea #30 Read a Book. It can be something new, or an old favourite. You can even read a book out loud for someone else. If you don’t have time, some people like audio books.

Idea #31 Bake Something. 20 minutes for basic cookies, or hours for an extravagant dessert. I like make salted caramel cheesecake, and always lick the spoon.

Idea #32 Be One with Nature. If you can get outside then open up your windows. But don’t forget to take some time every now and them to really enjoy the world in which we live.

Idea # 33 Call Someone. Texting is easy, but actually talking to someone has emotional benefits. A friend, your parents, your partner. Anyone you wish to talk with. Hearing someone happy can make you happy too.

Idea #34 Look up Quotes. Sometimes you just need to find the perfect arrangement of words to motivate you.

Idea #35 Smile. When you don’t want to smile you still should because you can actually make you feel happier. It releases endorphins that trick yourself into thinking you’re happy.

Idea #36 Visit a Museum. It can be any kind, art or history. It all depends on your tastes. I like both, but art usually cheers me up better.

Idea #37 Eat a Healthy Snack. When you are in a bad mood, people tend to eat junk food, it’s fine as a treat, however, you really shouldn’t when you are already in a bad mood.healthy snacks can add a feeling of freshness to your day.

Idea #38 Sleep. When it all comes down to it sometimes you just have to sleep the day away. It shouldn’t become a habit, but we all have those days when we just need to lay in bed all warm and cozy.

Hopefully, these ideas help you in your search on how to be happy.