Band Tee Rules.

On the day this publishes I am currently on my way to Toronto to attend a concert. I am driving a couple hours away from my tiny hometown to go to the big city with the love of my life to enjoy a weekend of adventure. We decided to splurge on a really nice hotel right by the concert hall. Hopefully, all goes exactly as expected and it is the weekend of my dreams. Updates next weekend, I promise. And you better bet your butt I am getting a band tee for at the show. I borrow my boyfriends all the time because they are so comfy and let’s be honest a band tee rules.

Let’s talk about band tee rules or etiquette. Not my rules, but apparently they exist.

Rule #1 Don’t wear the concert tour tee for the performance you are currently attending. I don’t know why, but it’s a rule. Also don’t wear it the next day either. But two days later is fine. I get it in the idea of not wearing it because it’s all you will be talking about anyway.

Rule #2 Don’t wear another band’s tee to a concert. It is probably a courtesy.

Rule #3 Exception to the previous. You can wear a band tee for one of the opening bands. Shows support.

Rule #4. Another exception. If is is a music festival it is also allowed.

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