Why Creators Prefer Instagram.

Why Creators Prefer Instagram - Wy Creators Choose Instagram Over Snapchat

Have you noticed that a lot of content creators favour the new feature on Instagram that allows you to create stories over the previous favourite Snapchat. It may surprise you why creators prefer Instagram.

I have seen may creators that used ways such as Twitter polls to ask their audience what they personally prefer, Snapchat or Instagram stories. It almost always results in a majority preference for Snapchat. This is where their audience who consumes this content is already established and where they wish to remain. But it doesn’t suit creators new social media needs.

Why Creators Prefer Instagram.

This need is for affiliate links. Instagram has the new feature that allows them to link products they are affiliated with. Then the viewer can swipe the screen upward and land on the page that makes them money without the viewer needing to even click on the original link.

And while Snapchat is easily capable of similar methodology, it is a more private platform. You must search exactly the person you wish to follow and select their profile. From there you do not have recommendations. You do not have a list of followers, following, or a constant history of content.

Instagram, on-the-other-hand is incredibly social. There are constant recommendations being pushed your way, including the profiles of these affiliated story creators. That way more and more people are going to see this story, and more and more people are going to swipe to the link. So the creator and the business or brand are both happy. Both get more exposure and more money.

And this is why the viewer’s wishes are excused by statements such as “It is just easier to have both photos and stories on one platform” or “It has more features that I think you guys will like”. This is a business move. It does not mean the creator does not care, it just means that they need more views to continue growth.

Have you noticed this happening too?

Why Resolutions Fail.

Why Resolutions Fail - Why Does Your New Years Resolution Fail Every Year

In the New Year much like other people I have made resolutions. I have goals I would like to achieve or become closer to achieving in the upcoming calendar year. And I would really love it if all of them were able to follow me through the next 365 days, but it is difficult. And that is because people dive head first into the idea of a new year, new me. But it is still the same you under all of those goals.

In order to succeed first, we look at why we might fail. The likely culprit is a poor goal to try and achieve. Let’s take “get in shape” as an example. Why is this a poor goal choice. It is so incredibly vague. You could lose one pound and consider yourself in better shape. You could gain 10 pounds of muscle and consider that in better shape.

Instead, create something more specific. For example, “I want to go to the gym for five hours a week.” this allows for more flexibility than if you decided to go every day, which is not likely to actually happen if I am honest with myself. I could go five days a week for an hour, or once a week for five hours, but my gym time can be pushed around for an easier schedule. And decide how long this goal if for. You can allow yourself to build up and build down. Start with one hour a week for the first two weeks. Then try an hour and a half the next two until you reach your goal.

You can apply the rule of specificity to any goal. “See your friends more” is that once a week, once a month. Are you one on one, or in a large group. “Eat less sugar” Is this sugar overall, of processed versus natural sugar. Is there a set amount you want to eat. Do you go cold turkey or ease yourself into in through reducing sugar intake gradually.

Your goal is achievable as long as you make it reasonable.

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New Years Resolutions 2018 Ideas.

New Years Resolution 2018 Ideas - Ideas For Your 2018 New Years Goals

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves. So here are some ways you might want to better yourself in the upcoming year.


  • Drink enough water every day.
  • Cut out caffeine. Limit yourself to one coffee.
  • Cut out processed sugars.
  • Workout three times a week.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Plan your meals ahead of time.
  • Get more sleep.
  • Stick to a sleep schedule. At least during the week.


  • See your friends more. One a week. Have a get-together once a month.
  • Talk to a stranger every day.
  • Go somewhere new every weekend.
  • Call your mom, dad, siblings, someone every other week.
  • Have a self-care day once a month.
  • Go to free events in your area.
  • Write thank you cards.


  • Study Smarter.
  • Organize your closest.
  • Make a planner or bullet journal.
  • Save more money.
  • Declutter your inbox.
  • Get that raise, that position, that job. Or get yourself on track towards it.

There are endless possibilities.

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Things to Do Before 2018.

Thing to Do Before 2018 - What to Do Before the New Year Starts

When entering the new year we usually want to become a ‘bigger’, ‘better’ version of ourselves. Before that can happen there are a few things you can do to ensure a more optimized fresh start. So here are some things to do before 2018 starts.

Start with your phone:

  • Delete numbers that belong to those you don’t talk to because they don’t make you happy.
  • Delete old photos you hang on to for no reason.
  • Delete apps you never use or plan on using.
  • Delete old conversations you don’t need.

Social Media:

  • Unfollow or unsubscribe from anyone that does not bring you joy.
  • Delete old posts that you don’t love anymore.
  • Delete accounts you never use.

Clean Your Room:

  • Declutter thing you don’t use.
  • Change your sheets.
  • Put all your clothes away.

Set Your Goals:

  • Write out your resolutions.
  • Make a bucket list.
  • Be reasonable.

You can make the New Year easier on yourself by slowly easing into change instead of diving straight in as midnight strikes.

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Why Youtubers Do Vlogmas.

Why Youtubers Do Vlogmas - Why Do Your Favourite Creators Do VLogmas

This may not be relevant to all Youtube creators but it could be relevant to the ones you watch. Some Youtubers, in fact quite a few, how do not post content all too frequently may find themselves participating in the month-long video making event that is Vlogmas. The creators tend to vlog or upload videos daily from December 1 until December 25. Then they take a break once the holidays start until whenever they return in January. So I will try and simplify why Youtubers do Vlogmas.

Why YouTubers Do Vlogmas.

Why do so many people create so many videos this time of year? They do it because the Youtube ad revenue is typically very high during December. They can create a lot of content that forces people to return daily, usually with giveaways that you have to watch the video to find out about. And they tell you one is coming ahead of time to get people interested because viewers love free stuff.

They why stop for January. After the December holidays revenue plummets. There is often a negative spike in the amount of money their videos make during this time. This also happens during the summer. Students are off school so their free time increases. They spend more time watching videos, and advertisers know this. They also know that people make resolutions to spend less time online, or to be more active and away from electronics.

This is purely business strategy. These creators are trying to make a living from these videos, so they want their energy to be used in the most effective way that they can.

Have any of your favourite YouTubers done this?

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What is the “Snapchat Fam”?

What Is The Snapchat FamHow Does The Sanpchat Fam Increase Youtube Views

If you are familiar with Youtube you have probably seen comment sections riddled with emoticons. If you are like me you may have wondered why. Where did these emojis come from? The likely culprit is the “Snapchat Fam”.

What is a “Snapchat Fam”?

The Snapchat Fam is a group of individuals who have seen a Youtuber’s Snapchat typically announcing that they have posted a new video. In this Snapchat they will assign an emoticon for people to comment on in the new video. Commenting using the specific emoji will like the Youtuber know who was sent from the Snapchat to youtube. It is made to seem like an inside joke or an inclusive group.

Why there are “Snapchat Fam’s”?

On Youtube, the current algorithms organize videos on the main page or recommendations more favourably for videos with higher engagement. Youtube is considered a community and thus favours videos seemingly with conversation. While the brigading comment sections with emojis in not really conversation it is a comment none the less.

Is the “Snapchat Fam” bad?

Absolutely not. There is no problem with people wanting to increase engagement with their audience, nor is it bad for them to encourage comments for favouring of the algorithm. Every video posted on Youtube is likely made with the purpose of being viewed. And some people rely on their content being seen as a livelihood. On top of that, it is engagement. The Youtuber sees your comments. They can reply. I promise they will start to recognize names. It is a way to build an online friendship combined with your viewership. It is only bad if you feel manipulated.

How to prevent viewers from feeling manipulated?

If you are going to encourage engagement this way then you should attempt to engage back. Your viewers will not continue if they feel their efforts to help you are wasted. Recognize those who go out of their way in order to boost your views. Recognize that you are only as successful as others allow your hard work to be. ANd be thankful for those who support you.

5 School Outfit Must Haves.

5 School Outfit Must Haves Five Outfit Must Haves For University Students

I go to university, and I want to look good while doing it. Yet I want to stay comfortable all day. So these are my 5 school outfit must haves.

Yoga Pants

Plain black and skinny is my favourite. They can look dressier being basic and neutral. And oh my goodness are they the most comfortable of all pants. If you don’t feel confident in skinny legs they come in an assortment of styles. I go for high-waisted. It is made of a stretchy material so you do not have to worry about your waist being too tight, and it can help keep things ‘together’ if you aren’t happy with your tummy.

Basic Tee

I have so many basic tees for obvious reasons. It is a staple in most wardrobes. I can’t say enough. Tees can be dressed up or down. Wearing a statement piece on the bottom can balance the outfit with a neutral top, or keep the look professional. Not to mention, a recurring theme of comfort.

Denim Jacket

School here starts in the Fall. The weather gets cool very fast. If the sun is beating down on you it looks casual tied around your waist. And you look effortlessly put together with it being worn. I go for a distressed boyfriend style for a relaxed and slightly edgy vibe. Because I am a very petite lady a little edge can’t hurt.


You may love heels. I don’t unless to occasion calls for it. Then boy oh boy do my legs look good. But it is not practical to run around campus for hours with shoes that kill. Not to mention the stairs you will be climbing, and outdoor walking. Flats, athletic shoes, boots. Wear something comfortable.


This girl tries so hard to get her beauty sleep. But it doesn’t happen. And believe me, I look like I don’t sleep.  I am not one to wear makeup every day. But in my full zombie mode, it makes me feel more alive if I look more alive.

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Multiple Outfits Equation.

Multiple Outfits Equation How Every Blogger Can Make A Month Of Outfits

I’m sure you’ve seen posts about taking thirteen clothing items and somehow it turns into 30 outfits. It’s not a series of creative people coming up with new and creative combinations. On the contrary, they follow a simple formula. You could easily replicate these capsule wardrobe ideas for your own. Here is how they make multiple outfits.

All it requires is:

  • One Tee.
  • One Pullover Sweater.
  • One Button Up Shirt.
  • One Plaid Shirt.
  • One Jacket.
  • One Dress.
  • Two Skirts.
  • Two Pairs of Pants.
  • Two Pairs of Shoes.
  • One Accessory.

With these pieces, it is easy to make many outfits.

It goes something like this:

Tee paired with each of the bottoms. This makes four outfits. Then the same for each top. So now it is 16 outfits created. You then have the option of adding or not adding the jacket, so 32 outfits are available. Once you integrate the two shoe options it doubles again to 64 choices. The dress can also be worn by itself, with a top over it, as a top itself, and these options have two shoe choices so the dress itself provides 40 options. Then every single outfit can be paired with an accessory. So in total, there are 208 total options for 13 items. None of these outfits are extremely different from one another, but you can get almost 2/3 of a year without repeating an outfit once.

It can be done with an endless combination of pieces. However, those that do it well take the time to show their audience a well thought out combination of choices. They choose patterns and colours that pair well in order to create a cohesive outfit without being too uninteresting at the same time.

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Why Birthdays Are Important, A Thank You.

Why Birthdays Are Important A Thank You A Thank You For Everyone On A Very Special Birthday

Today is my birthday and it is an important day for me. Not to mention that it is a big birthday. I had my closest friends and family spend the day with me. I invited my family to dinner and then my friends for a party. I will be honest that I don’t particularly care for the gifts. While I truly appreciate them, as I get older I care more about spending time together and reflecting on the past.

I look back on good and less fortunate times all the same. I reflect in order to be able to be grateful. My family is healthy, and my friends are fantastic. In spending a day dwelling in the happiness in opens this new year of life with a fresh feeling.

On that note, I would like to thank anyone who has ever read my posts, liked my photos, mentioned my content, smiled at something I said or did. And I would like to thank those who don’t like my content for at least giving me the opportunity. I appreciate that. I am thankful for brands like Covergirl for taking the time of day to send tiny creators like myself their products that they worked so hard on, and Subway for acknowledging how many subs I eat. And for my family and friends who support me. I am thankful for the oppotunities I have and for the people they are with.

So thank you.

Should You Buy Eyeshadow Pallets?

Should You Buy Eyeshadow Pallets Is It A Wise Decision To Buy Eyeshadow Pallets

Makeup brands are almost always coming out with their newest eyeshadow pallets. Different pallets are almost always being talked about. I myself am timid when it comes to diving into the most hyped eyeshadows because I am honestly not the biggest makeup user. I currently have three eyeshadow pallets in my current makeup collection.

These pallets are as follows: Urban Decay Naked Basics, Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance, and Mac Smokey Metallic Times Nine (No longer available). With math, each of these pallets is a better value than purchasing the eyeshadows individually, not to mention that some shades are pallet exclusive. However, this value is important. It is important because it is in the case that you use all of the eyeshadow colours. If you are head-over-heels for some of the colours, but won’t use some because you don’t like them, then it may not be worth it.

Price is also reflected in whether or not you already have colours that are the same or similar. Do you need four matte black eyeshadows, you probably don’t. I too get caught up in prices or deals from time to time. But I try very hard to think about it. I will put something in my basket, walk around, and they put it back if I don’t absolutely love it.

When I bought the Modern Renaissance pallet I knew the majority of the colours were not something I would use for an everyday look. Because of this, I bought it for myself and my sister to use. She is an everyday dramatic makeup user. Myself, I prefer a pop on special occasions. With this in mind, I have the two neutral brown-toned pallets for me and me alone. One is matte the other with mostly metallic.

Another thing to consider is quality. With these brands, I would never have to pitch someone to get them because they are well know for making amazing eyeshadows, which I myself agree with.

So when you consider buying a pallet take into consideration all of the details mentioned above.

**As an affiliate if you make a purchase of any of the items below I may receive a small commission.**